Outdoor Battery Operated Lights

Here at Lights4fun, we don’t believe that a lack of electrical sockets should limit your creative options in the outdoor arena. We are proud to share with you our exceptional assortment of magnificent outdoor battery lights , which are ideal for creating subtle or statement outdoor lighting schemes without the need to tackle troublesome wires.

Where adventurous children and waggy-tailed canines are free to roam, multiple wires are a no-no. But this needn’t prevent you from adding finishing touches to your décor scheme – inside or out. Our ambience-enhancing outdoor lights come in colours that span the rainbow and thanks to handy timers and energy-efficient LED bulbs, their gorgeous twinkle be depended upon for many hours to come.

Our decadent outdoor battery light designs include battery candles for a romantic touch and pretty and decorative outdoor lanterns, which inspire a classic vintage feel. Browse the collection and pick out your personal favourites.