90 Metres 900 Green Connectable LED String Lights

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90 Metres 900 Green Connectable LED String Lights
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Power Guide

With 18 sets totalling 90 metres and 900 LEDs, this commercial grade bundle is suitable for large trees. These lights are made on rubber cable and with individually fused LEDs which makes these lights perfect for permament installations.

Being 240v (mains) allows for multiple sets connected from a single plug. We recommend using this bundle for trees of 20 feet height and above.

Additional Information

Product Code:D18-LE08-G
Connection Type:Type C
Power Source:Mains 240v
Cable Colour:Black
Bulb Colour:Green
Bulb Type:LED
Number of Bulbs:900
IP Rating (info):IP44
Cable Material:Rubber
Location:Outdoor Use
Lead:Plug Included