Glastonbury Festival Birthday Cake (with fairy lights, obviously)

We’re not at all jealous of all those lucky people hitting Glastonbury this week. Not one bit. Ok that’s a lie, we’re really jealous of everyone at Glastonbury and we wish we could be there (despite the rain), but an email we got from one of our lovely customers this afternoon sure cheered us up. Baking extraordinaire Kim Boreham sent across some photos of the cake she designed and baked for her son’s 21st birthday featuring a string of our battery operated blue LED fairy lights, and we were quick to fire the pictures around all departments where they were invariably met with a “WOW” or an “I want a cake like that!”

Complete with muddy wellies and a field of happy campers, Kim’s fantastic Glastonbury-inspired cake is one of the most original cake ideas we’ve seen yet. We almost feel like we’re there at the festival ourselves, albeit with drier feet. Happy birthday Harry, and thanks for the photos Kim!

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