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Other People Asked...

Do you still sell 'Type C' lights? I can't seem to find them.

We've replaced the 'Type C' range with our latest Pro Series. These lights are compatible with each other by using a converter cable. This cable is included for free with any Pro Series purchase.

Do I need to buy separate connectors for connectable lights?

No, each string of lights has built-in connectors on either end that will connect to any corresponding end on lights within the same type range. Simply join your sets together to make your lights longer.

Can I track my order online as I'm not sure where it is?

We don't currently offer order tracking online so if you need to know where your order is contact us with your order number and we'll track it down for you.

I've received a faulty item, what do I do?

Please contact us as soon as possible on 01423 816040 during opening hours or email us here (contact sheet). Our helpful Harrogate customer service team will do everything to put things right for you.

Why won't my solar lights charge?

There are a few reasons why your lights might not be working so we’ve put together this troubleshooting guide to help you find out what’s wrong:

Ensure the lights are turned on if they have an on/off switch (we know this might seem a little obvious but it’s always worth checking).

Make sure your solar panel is outside and not indoors, for example in a conservatory, as solar panels can’t charge through glass.

Give your solar panel clear access to daylight as it won’t charge properly if it’s hidden under something such as a shrub or tree. Also, if it’s been outside for a while, give the solar panel a gentle wipe with a damp cloth to remove any dirt. Your lights will need a really good charge, 1-2 days of sunshine should do the trick, especially if they’ve been put away for a while.

I've charged my solar lights but they're still not working

You'll need to check the solar battery. It's really easy and takes 2 minutes.

Locate your battery on the reverse of the solar panel. You'll either have a visable hatch or have to remove the screws (on each corner) to open the panel. There will be some wires attached to each side of the panel so be careful not to pull too hard when opening. 

Swap the green rechargeable battery (either AA or AAA) with one that you know is working. We recommend using a new standard battery, supermarket or branded is fine (e.g. one you would put in your TV remote control). Once your battery is in place, put the panel face down on a flat surface to imitate darkness. If your lights illuminate you need a new green solar rechargeable battery. Contact us for a replacement.

If your light still doesn’t work with the standard battery, give us a call as there may be an issue with the panel or light itself.

I ordered coloured lights but received white ones

Have you switched them on? LEDs are colourless until illuminated, so they all look the same until you switch them on. If your lights are still white once lit up then please contact us and we can help you further.

I've connected my lights together but they won't illuminate

If you've connected your lights together and nothing works, it's a really easy fix. Take your lights, look at the male end and you'll see some metal pins and a groove that needs to be aligned into the female end. Once you align the groove into the female channel, push together, tighten the sleeve and you'll find your lights will work. Very much like a battery, they will only work one way. If you're still having problems with your connectable lights, check all the connections on your system and repeat the process.

I already have a transformer, will it work with Lights4fun products?

If you've bought a transformer or plug from another retailer or from an old set of lights then it will not work with Lights4fun products. Our lights are designed to use specific transformers, some of which have unique connectors which you won't find elsewhere.

Why are my battery lights dim?

The brightness of battery lights can vary depending on the batteries you're using. Rechargeable batteries are typically a slightly lower voltage than normal batteries, so can result in dimmer-than-average lights.

Do you sell spare bulbs?

We don't sell any spare bulbs and to expain why, we've written an article here.

Is there a Lights4fun shop that I can visit?

As we are an online only retailer we don't have any shops to come and see us.

Do you offer a further discount on a large order?

We offer all our customers, new and old, the best possible prices on our website. Most products will have multi-buy discounts or bundle deals available, however we do offer discounts for large orders of £1,000 or more. Please call us on 01423 816056 for a detailed quotation.

How do I get free delivery?

When your order value is £60 or more you'll be entitled to free express delivery (UK mainland).

Can I amend my order?

If you would like to add to your order or change your delivery details please call us as quickly as you can on 01423 816040. We process orders immediately so cannot guarantee any amendments can be made, but it's worth a call to see if we've not started packing it already.

Can I have a copy of my VAT receipt?

You'll have received one attached to your order confirmation email. If you're struggling to locate it, just contact us with your order number and we'll send you a receipt as quickly as possible.

Do you include invoices or prices in the order?

We include a delivery note in your parcel which has a list of products and quanities. If you would like a copy of your invoice, just contact us with your order number and we'll send you an invoice as quickly as possible.

My Paypal account is not verified, what does this mean?

Lights4fun only accepts verified Paypal accounts. This is to protect you from fraud. You may have been able to use Paypal on various other websites before, however we will not accept a non-verified account. Verification is done through Paypal and confirms your card and bank account are owned by you. This is a really simple process and will benefit you from safer payments in the future. To find out how to do this please click here (takes you to Paypal.com).

The product I want is 'awaiting stock', when will it be back?

Usually our stock replenishes within a few weeks, however if you click the button 'Email Me When in Stock' you'll be notified via email the moment it's available for sale again. If you see the option to 'Pre-order' then you can reserve and pay for the item and as soon as it arrives we will send it out straight to you. 

Do my lights need to be PAT tested?

PAT testing, or portable appliance testing, is a safety check for electrical appliances. There are no standardised regulations on how often a PAT test should be performed on products, if at all, but they’re a great way of checking your well-loved lights are still twinkling safely after a while of being used.

As all of our lights adhere to UK Regulations and arrive to you brand new, there’s no reason why they’d need to be PAT tested upon receiving them. However, If you are planning to use our lights to decorate a venue, such a as a hotel room for your wedding, then you may be asked to make sure that they are PAT tested. If so, simply contact a local electrician who will PAT test each product, label the successful items and provide you with a report.

Whilst there is no need to PAT test your lights for personal use, it is recommended that you regularly carry out a visual examination of your lights, checking for frayed wires etc. If you do notice any, it is time to part ways and upgrade your lights.

Be sure to check out the ‘additional information’ provided for each item on our website that will help to ensure that you are looking after your beloved Lights4fun items in the safest way possible.

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