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From gardens,courtyards to trees our 100 metre PRO Series bundle has everything you need to introduce a wonderful warm white glow all year round.

  • 100m Of Lights
  • 2 x Starter Plugs
  • 20m Of Extension Cable
Full Description
100 Metres 1000 LED Golden Warm White String Light Bundle
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Pro Series

The black rubber cables are durable and the seals weatherproof so you can be sure that they'll keep on shining year after year. Each 5 metre string has 50 warm white LEDs, the curved cap gives a super bright output. Easily joined together with the simple plug and play connectors. We've put 2 plugs in so that you have the option to have 2 runs of lights.

TOP TIP - Pop the end cap at the end of your lights to seal them up ready for the winter months.

Additional Information

Product Code:D20-PR50YWB


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