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Advent Sale

Christmas Silhouettes and Displays

It's great to wander around your neighbourhood, looking at all the Christmas silhouettes and displays, blazing into the night and full of festive cheer. In recent years, increases to energy prices means that conventional Christmas lighting displays have come under threat, as powering these displays have become more expensive. Well, you need worry no more with our range of LED Christmas Silhouette and Displays, which look great and are cheap to run. In fact, why not get together with your neighbours to build a Christmas theme in your street with coordinating designs? You'll be the talk of the town.

3-Dimensional Christmas Figures »

Christmas silhouettes and displays have come a long way - and where else can you see a penguin mixing it up with Santa? Our light-up Penguins have become a signature of Christmas. They are individual or supplied as a family and when combined with the flowing water effect of our Outdoor LED Waterfall lights - they look simply superb.

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All our 3D animals, Santas and snowmen are powered by a safe low voltage transformer, and  - unlike many of our competitors  - all our transformers on these products are designed for outdoor use, and include a 5-metre cable from the transformer to the 3D figure.

Make a really fun greeting to your front door this Christmas, quickly and easily with our 3-D range of Christmas silhouettes and displays.

So even if it's not a White Christmas this year, you can still have your very own snowman.

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