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Outdoor Christmas Lights for House and Roof

Add festive cheer to your home with outdoor Christmas lights for house and roof. Lights4fun offers an LED-connectable system specifically designed for the outdoors. Rubber cables, double-sealed LED bulbs, and the ability to add different products such as string lights, ice lights, net lights and curtain lights all from one socket means that your Christmas lighting is limited only to your imagination. Here are some tips to get you started.

Check out our guide to outdoor Christmas lights for house and roof for some great ideas on how to display your festive spirit.

Connectable Icicle Lights »

Icicle lights look great hanging from gutters, balconies and conservatories, and they're available in either a traditional warm white colour or newer, more vibrant LEDs. All our icicle lights are made in two-metre sections and are connectable. You'll find them so easy to install, and they can extend up to 100 sets.

Trying to handle difficult, complex and maze-like lengths of icicle lights when you're up a ladder is now a thing of the past. Simply install one two-metre section at a time and then add the next one. We offer static and snowing effect icicle lights in both traditional bulbs and LED format. In LED format we also offer ice lights in blue, white, and blue & white.

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Connectable Net Lights »

Designed to withstand the traditional British weather, our string lights will be safe on your outdoor trees all year round. Come rain, snow or sunshine, our professional outdoor LED string lights can be put up and left up through all four seasons – even when they're not turned on! So once they're arranged – they're done. Of course, the installation of lights should be carried out in good weather and safely with a partner for supervision and assistance. 


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Connectable String Lights »

All our string lights are connectable and are available in either traditional colours or the new vibrant LED colours. The light connections are shielded in heavy duty rubber cables so you can enjoy a reliable product for many years. String lights look great in trees - subtle and sophisticated in the warm traditional clear colour, or vibrant and exciting in the LED colour range. 

String lights look great defining lines on your house edges, window shapes, door frames, drain pipes, and conservatories. Use multi-point adaptors and extension cables from the connectable range for ease of installation and stunning results.

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Connectable Curtain Lights »

Everyone knows that lighting makes the difference at a party, and nothing stands out as much as curtain lights. Curtain lights are perhaps the most impressive of all our connectable system products and are becoming increasingly popular. Again, we manufacture high quality cables for outdoor use so you can enjoy them year after year. Our curtain lights are all connectable and are available in three sizes to suit different applications. The bulbs can be traditional warm glow or modern LED.

Some of our customers have used them to effectively create a wall of light on their home by hanging curtain lights and icicle lights from gutters, using the shorter drop of the icicle lights over windows and the longer curtain lights to cover walls. 

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Outdoor Christmas Lights

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