It's time to find your joy: gather together to embrace the great outdoors, and discover moments of summer magic at every turn. From laid-back alfresco lunches to wild picnics in nature; from jubilant garden parties to evening retreats sparkling with after-dark glow, get ready to celebrate the summer.

Celebrate The Summertime

Bring on the good times! Fairy lights, flowers and the prettiest paper lanterns herald a summer of fun, and we embrace all that is wonderful about our gardens and outdoor spaces. From alfresco parties decked with twinkling festoons and bunting, to holidays at home under the sun, it's time to celebrate with a carefree, laid-back approach to the summertime.

Soak Up The Sun

Lively, bright, and full of energy: start the season off with a celebration of the open-air and all that shines. Solar-powered festoons capture the sun and bring a happy, warm glow to our patios and decks come dusk, whilst lanterns and fairy lights of rattan and bamboo speak to a radiant summer where no outdoor space is too small to sparkle.

A storybook summer waiting to be explored: toadstools line enchanted pathways leading to secret gardens and hidden worlds, all alive with after-dark glow and teeming with twinkling flora and fauna. Illuminated flowers dance in an evening breeze, as gently glowing bees, birds and butterflies invite us to welcome the magic of the natural world this summer.