The most authentic battery candle, perfectly mimicking the appearance of a real flame.

A combination of beautifully hand-poured ivory wax and innovative technology, our latest candles are the the most authentic battery candles you can get. The wick & flame have been meticulously engineered to gently flicker, perfectly mimicking a real 'just-lit candle'. True Glow creates a warm and inviting ambience while providing a super safe alternative to real candles. You can expect up to 200 hours of illumination before batteries require replacing. With the handy 6 hour timer, you can truly keep glowing all season long.

Sold out

Sold out

The perfect setting...

Styling True Glow couldn't be easier! Super versatile, they'll sit pretty in any room in the house. Either pop on your mantle or incorporate in your table centre piece - we love the combination of candles with either natural or faux foliage. Entwine with micro lights for added sparkle!.