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Clever Extendable Lighting
Premium quality lighting that can be left outside all year round.
Festoons and strings for trees and canopies, they're easy to extend and will reach 200 metres from just one plug.
Looking for our previous 'Type C' Range? The Pro Series is compatible.
Why go Pro?
Fuss-free bulbs
Never replace a bulb again! Our lights are sealed for longevity and will last for up to 30,000 hours.
Simple design
Plug & play fittings mean you'll have your lights extended in a jiffy. Plus they're totally weatherproof.
Superb longevity
We've made these lights to last outdoors, all year round, making them the best you can buy from Lights4fun.
Shop Strings & Festoons
Extend 200 metres from one plug!
That's a whopping 2000 bulbs.
Switching from our previous Type C lights?
Our previous generation of 'Type C' lights have been discontinued. If you're looking to add to your existing lights, you can do this with the new Pro Series.

Can I connect Type C and Pro Series lights together?
Yes! You can connect the Pro Series lights to the end of your existing Type C lights using a converter cable.

Are the connectors the same?
No we've improved the design of the Pro Series connectors.

Can I still buy Type C? 
Please call us on 01423 816040 as we may have some lights left.