Indoor Battery Lights

Here at Lights4fun, we love adorning plants and hedges with dazzling lights and giving your flora a twinkling makeover. We don’t want your house plants to miss out either, which is why we’re delighted to offer our customers a magical array of battery lights for indoor.

Our magnificent indoor string lights are perfect for adding a spot of Hollywood glamour to any mirror or dressing table – putting you in your own personal spotlight. Each and every set of lights are guaranteed to dazzle for up to 30-50 hours – giving your decor a healthy helping of sparkle.

String lights aside, we also adore our easy-to-use tea lights which add a gentle glow wherever you need it.

As an added bonus for all those fancy dress lovers out there, every single one of our LED string lights is totally cool to the touch and can be wrapped around your body to make for a magnificent outfit!