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TruGlow® Candle Range

The most authentic real wax LED candle perfectly mimics the appearance of a real flame. Our latest battery pillar candles are the most authentic flickering battery candles that you can get through a combination of hand-poured ivory wax and innovative technology. Battery-operated lights provide a super-safe alternative to real candles in your home or event.

Whether you’re dining at home or simply want to create a relaxing environment as you wind down at the end of a busy day, TruGlow® candles are a perfect choice.


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TruGlow® Candles for your home

Create an ambience like no other with our TruGlow® candle range. We have an array of options to choose from depending on your needs and wants. For a timeless look that goes with most decors, our TruGlow® LED Pillar Candle Trio is a great option. The simplicity of this collection compliments other home accessories with ease. The light output from these glow candles will also help to create a calm and relaxing feel all over the house.

Why not make your life even easier with the TruGlow® Remote Control? With this affordable accessory, you’ll enjoy the freedom to turn them on without leaving your seat. Simply tap a button and effortlessly add atmosphere to your room.

Find the right glow candles for you

These authentic-looking LED candles can also be found in various other shapes. Ideal for a candlelit dinner, our exclusive 4 TruGlow® Grey Remote Control LED Taper Candles are classy and long-lasting with up to 600 hours of illumination time.

Still not sure what to choose? The TruGlow® LED Candle Bundle is the solution for you. This collection of glow candles includes products from across the entire range. It contains the TruGlow® Ivory 3 Wick Candle, TruGlow® Marble 3 Wick Candle, TruGlow® Pillar Candle Trio, 3 TruGlow® Grey Slim Candles and 3 TruGlow® Grey Slim Candles. With this bundle in your house, you’ll enjoy stylish lighting in every room.

Get your TruGlow® candles at Lights4fun

Let us bring calmness to your home with our TruGlow® LED candles available online. When you shop at Lights4fun, exceptional customer service and product quality is guaranteed. Check out our excellent reviews to find out more.

We offer customers free standard delivery on orders over £40 across our entire glow candles range. Plus, you’ll get a two-year guarantee and a hassle-free returns policy, so you can enjoy total peace of mind when placing your Lights4fun order.