Looking for more information on Connectable lighting? We can help! Connectable lighting is easy to understand and install, whether it's simple fairy lights for your home or even a big commercial event, connectable lights are perfect for every space however big or small!

We've pulled together our FAQs below to help with any questions you may have.

What is a transformer?

A transformer plug is the power supply for the lights, it’s plugged into your socket and connects to the first string in your display to illuminate your lights.

All our outdoor connectable ranges of lights are fitted with a standard 3-pin plug that is manufactured to an IP44 rating. We’ve designed this plug to fit into a weatherproofed outdoor socket and to allow the cover to close snugly around the plug.

Do I need to buy a transformer?


The compatible plug (power source) is sold separately, please add to your basket from the product page.

We don't include a transformer plug (power supply) with each set of our Connectable lights as part of our investment in environmental and climate issues because most of our customers are buying this connectable range of lights to create a larger display, all run from one power supply.

How do I connect my lights together?

Connecting your lights is simple, ensure that the pin & grooves at the end of each string are correctly aligned, push them together and twist to secure. There are also handy arrow illustrations on each connector to guide you.

We have a super handy set of videos on how to connect your lights which you can find here.

Are your festoon bulbs replaceable?

If you're looking for replaceable bulbs, our Ultimate Connect and Ingenious Connect festoons allow you to change and replace bulbs.

Will this plug into an outdoor socket?

With the exception of the Essentials Connect range, all the plugs compatible with our Ingenious Connect, Ultimate Connect, Pro Connect and Core Connect are designed to fit in an outdoor socket. The cover will close around the plug for added protection against the elements.

Do the lights come in individual strings or one long string of lights?

All of our connectable lights are supplied in 5m or 10m strings which you simply daisy-chain together end to end to create a longer display.

To connect your lights, ensure that the pins and grooves at the end of each string are correctly aligned (there are handy arrow illustrations on each connector to guide you).

We also have a super handy set of videos on how to connect your lights which you can find here.

Which connectable lights should I choose?

Connectable lights are perfect for lighting everything from gardens to commercial events.

Use our comparison table to find the perfect lights here.

Can I connect festoon lights with string lights from the same Connect range?

Our wide range of connectable lights feature strings lights, fairy lights, festoon lights, net lights, curtain lights and icicles for ultimate flexibility all year round.

You can connect any of our lights together providing they are from the same Connect range, ie: Pro Connect String Lights and Pro Connect Festoon Lights.

To ensure the display remains at the optimum brightness we always recommend calculating the total number of LEDs in your display to ensure you don’t exceed our recommended guide.

Can I use a Lights4fun transformer with lights that are not from you?

We do sell spare plugs and transformers, however these are only compatible with lights that are from us.

If your lights are from another supplier, such as Homebase for example, then our plugs and transformers won't be compatible. We recommend contacting the retailer, or the manufacturer of the lights you purchased as they would be best placed to help source a replacement plug for you.

Can I use Lights4fun lights with another brand of lights?

We would never recommend connecting our lights to another brand of lights because all our connectable ranges have unique Lights4fun connectors. The connection will not be the same and you may risk causing damage to your lights.

The connections look the same as my lights (not from Lights4fun). Why am I unable to connect your lights or plugs to mine?

Unfortunately not all LED products are compatible with one another. There are many types of LED products on the market and if purchased from another retailer we cannot guarantee that our products will have the same wattage or voltage specifications as the product you have.

If you are having issues with your LED power supply the first place to start is to determine the voltage and power specifications of your LED lighting products. We would recommend contacting the manufacturer, or retailer you purchased the product from to confirm this information with them.

Are the connectors waterproof?

All of our outdoor lights have an IP44 rating which means they are protected from water sprayed in all directions. We achieve this with strong rubber cables and double sealed caps over the bulbs.

What does IP44 mean?

IP ratings are a rating of the protection for electronic equipment from dust, solid objects and fluids.

Can the Essential Connect range be left outdoors?

Our Essential Connect range are an excellent value choice and possible the easiest way to add a glow to your home and garden in the summer.

Being low voltage means they are super safe to be used around the family home and garden. Choose from either a timer battery pack (perfect for those displays where you don’t have a socket nearby), or a plug. The handy 5m lead wire on the plug is thin enough to be passed through a window if you do not have an outdoor socket.

This collection of connectable lights includes festoons, fairy lights & nets. The lights are lightweight and designed with flexibility in mind, super easy to install and connect to create seamless sets of lighting.

What is the spacing between the bulbs?

Bulb spacing on connectable LED String Lights in our Pro Connect, Core Connect and Essential Connect range is 10cm.

Bulb spacing on connectable Festoon Lights in our Ingenious Connect, Ultimate Connect, Pro Connect and Core Connect is 50cm.

Are your Pro Connect lights dimmable?

The LEDs used in our Pro Connect products are dimmable and we recommend using an inline waterproof LED dimmer unit that is able to work with the correct wattage of the total light string installation.

Can these lights be hard wired?

Our Ingenious Connect, Ultimate Connect, Pro Connect and Core Connect lights can all be hardwired.

For both domestic and commercial displays we recommend taking the advice of a local electrician. You can find a reputable electrician by visiting The National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting, one of several organisations which regulates the training and work of electrical enterprises in the UK.

How does the timer function work on Core Connect lights?

We have a video showing how to set the timer on our Core Connect lights which you can watch here.

How do I select a function on Core Connect lights?

Press the button on the control box to choose between 8 different modes which are:


Do your Pro Connect lights have different effects?

Our Pro Connect lights are 'Static' only and do not have any additional effects. If you’re looking for lights with a multi-function setting, with an optional timer and memory function we recommend our Core Connect range.

Is there an extension cable available for the Essential Connect range?

Yes, we have an Essential Connect Clear 5m Extension Cable that can be found here.

If one bulb goes, does this affect the rest of the lights?

An LED (light emitting diode) is actually a chip on a circuit - that means it's not a bulb so there is nothing to break inside.

All our LED products are designed with fuse-bulb technology meaning that if one LED were to fail the remainder in the display would stay lit.

I'm looking for some caps for the lights to make the, weather proof when not plugged in. Do you have any?

All of our outdoor lights have an IP44 rating which means they are protected from water sprayed in all directions. We achieve this with strong rubber cables, double sealed caps over the bulbs and rubber “o” rings on each connector.

All our connectable lights are each supplied with an end-cap that screws into position at the end of the display to ensure a fully weatherproof connection.

Unfortunately we don’t manufacture a cap that you can use to secure over the lights to make them weatherproof, so sorry. Our best recommendation is to leave the plug fitted. If this is not possible we'd recommend placing this end of the cable in a dri-box to keep the connection weatherproof when not in use.

Can Lights4fun connectable lights be plugged into a separate timer plug?

It is definitely possible to plug our Ingenious Connect and Ultimate Connect lights into a separate timer plug so that you don’t have to worry about turning your lights on and off every day.

Our Core Connect range has an optional 6-hour timer built into the Core Connect plug. When selected this will automatically illuminate your lights each evening and continuously repeat the same sequence.

Our standard Pro Connect plug can also be used with a separate timer plug also, however we do sell a Pro Connect plug with Timer function. This clever plug is equipped with a simple ‘ON’ function and three different timer options meaning no more trips out in the cold to turn the lights off!

Are these lights safe to use against fabrics and furnishings?

An LED, unlike a traditional filament bulb, generates very little heat and for most indoor low voltage lights, no heat at all. Thus making our lights and flameless candles perfect for use in furnishings and fabrics around your home or event.

Are LED lights safe to leave on overnight?

LED lights are king! Not only are they stupendously more energy efficient than normal filament bulbs, they’re cheaper to run and do not emit heat so are far safer to use too! You can definitely leave your LED lights on all night if you wish.

Although an LED product usually has a higher purchase cost, the efficiency in comparison to filament bulb alternatives is dramatic. LED string lights use around 90% less power than it's older counterpart, saving you a serious amount of money on your power bills. Also on average, you can expect a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours of illumination from LED lights.

What would you recommend using to hang Festoon Lights?

Hang festoon lights high above your space for a luminous look as the evening draws in. They are the perfect way to illuminate your garden and will create a subtle glow as it gets dark. They also look great during the day and are flexible in their styling. Swag them between trees, along fences or use festoon poles/hooks to display them with ease.

How can I display Festoon Lights in my garden?

One of the most effective ways to display festoon lights is to drape them under a pergola or parasol. You can create a wonderful canopy effect to perfectly illuminate your outdoor living space in the evenings. Alternatively, our range of festoon poles are also a great option!

Do I have to use the provided shrink wraps? What do they do?

The shrink wraps do not provide any extra protection, however they can give a more seamless look to your display and the connections.

What are the bulbs made of?

We use LEDs in all our lighting products.

An LED (light emitting diode) is actually a chip on a circuit - that means it's not a bulb so there is nothing to break inside. This is why LEDs are ideal for garden lighting and solar powered lights as they can be dropped and handled without risk of breaking. Think a very windy Scottish highlands winter and you'll imagine how popular LEDs are there as in many different parts of the UK.

What is the difference between Traditional Warm White and Warm White?

Our Traditional Warm White LED String Lights are a really rich, golden glow, reminiscent of a filament light bulb. The LED used in the production of this colour are 2100-2500k.

Our Warm White LED String Lights are a slightly cooler shade of Warm White with the LED used in the production of this colour being 2700k (this is our new standard Warm White shade).

Will the cables run through my window?

If you do not have access to an outdoor socket and wish to make use of an indoor socket we recommend our Essentials Connect range of lights because the 5m lead wire on the plug is thin enough to be passed through a window.

Are your connections two pin or three pin?

All of our connectable ranges have a 2-pin connection system. This connection system is unique to each range and it is not possible to connect products from a different product range together, i.e. Pro Connect and Core Connect.

Do you still sell Type C lights?

Our previous generation of 'Type C' lights have been discontinued. If you're looking to add to your existing lights, you can do this with the new Pro Connect.

Do you still sell Type CC lights?

We have retired our 24v low voltage connectable lights from our product collection and have upgraded this range to Core Connect. The two ranges are not compatible; however they do offer the same look and style.

Why are there two different Converter Cables? Can they not simply be swapped/turned around?

We've designed two converter cables to allow you to either extend your current Type C display, or to replace a section of the Type C lights in the middle of your display with ease.

To extend your display by connecting our new Pro Connect lights to the end of your display please use our Type C to Pro Connect Converter Cable.

To replace a section of the Type C lights in the middle of your display you will require both a Type C to Pro Connect Converter Cable and a Pro Connect to Type C Converter Cable.

We recommend calling our Customer Experience team on 01423 816040 to ensure we get you exactly what you need as each scenario will be individual.