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Outdoor Light Up Reindeer

Outdoor light up reindeer are the ultimate Christmas lights for your garden or indoors. Packed with plenty of lights for a big festive visual impact, our illuminated LED reindeer Christmas figures are perfect to place at entranceways and on lawns, providing a magical glow come evening time. Whether you fancy a single light-up stag, or a herd of light-up deer, we have several beautiful small and large light up reindeer to choose from.

Create your very own winter wonderland with reindeer lights this Christmas from Lights4fun. Take a look through our extensive range below, and visit our blog for Christmas inspiration.


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Light-up reindeer – stags and deer to illuminate your Christmas 

Light-up outdoor reindeer Christmas lights are an absolute classic, and the perfect addition to your front garden or indoor area this festive season. Whether placed on your lawn so they can shine and brighten up your home’s façade, or (carefully) affixed to your roof to invoke Father Christmas’ sleigh, there are few lights more Christmassy than reindeer garden lights. Check out our range above today or read on to learn more. 

Our reindeer lights range 

Take your pick from the many different reindeer lights for indoors, outdoors and both settings in the Lights4fun range.

Reindeer and lighting go hand in hand: the beautiful animals are known to see ultraviolet light, after all. While we don’t stock UV reindeer Christmas lights (yet!) the products above come in a spectrum of white and golden shades, with several cable colours to suit your outdoor display or interior.

We have plenty of different designs to choose from in all sorts of sizes. We have doe, stag, and fawn light-up reindeer sets that are great for creating a magical wintry scene; reindeer and sleigh lights that are the classic Christmas all over; and indoor mounted stag head reindeer Christmas lights that make for festive wall decorations.

Battery-powered and plug-in LED outdoor reindeer lights are available, so you can place your light-up deer wherever they look best. Our outdoor and indoor-outdoor Christmas light-up reindeer will be able to withstand cold and wet wintry weather too, so you can be sure your herd will last a lifetime.

Why choose Lights4fun for your LED reindeer Christmas lights? 

Buy outdoor light-up reindeer from Lights4fun, and as well as pretty, tasteful garden and home decorations, you get top-quality customer service – so much so that 34,000 reviews later, we’re still rated almost five stars!

All our products are covered by a hassle-free returns policy and a two-year warranty that ensures your reindeer lights aren’t just for one Christmas. If your order comes to over £50, you also qualify for fast, free delivery – great if, like us, you get a little rushed off your feet by the festive season.

Take a look through our extensive Christmas deer light range above and gorgeously illuminate your garden and home this December. Be sure to check out our reindeer light guides in our blog.