The Making of Our Reindeer Collection

Written by: Marketing Team

Welcome to your winter wonderland! Our light up reindeer are the pride and joy of our Christmas collection, enchanted stags dash through the snow and leap and bound over icy ground, while does nestle together with their fawns all sparkling with winter spirit. Whether home is a frosty garden, a winter patio, or gathered in the warmth under the twinkling tree itself, there's a light up reindeer for every space this festive season. Watch our video and read on to discover the love and care that goes into designing our exclusive reindeer collections from our Director of Product, Amy, and bring the magic home this Christmas.

Our Inspiration

We’re incredibly lucky to live near so many beautiful parks where we can study local deer to inspire our showstopping designs. We take videos and pictures to understand the way the deer move and interact with each other to ensure our LED reindeer are as realistic and authentic as possible. We create complete outdoor reindeer families for the ultimate festive display and vary our designs from standing, grazing, laying or leaping for a natural and mesmerising winter herd.

Close Attention to Detail

Once we have finalised our designs, we build our reindeer from the ground up paying close attention to even the smallest of details. Our frames are handmade to ensure we can perfect every detail; from their 3D tails, the positioning of the antlers, and the way the ears sit on their head. Our frames are also hand wrapped in either faux rattan, acrylic of soft spun cotton to ensure our figures have an even coverage and look just as good throughout the day as they do at night.

Sparkling LEDs

All our reindeer feature super bright LEDs and lots of them to create a breath-taking seasonal display for cherished moments of magic. Our LEDs use up to 75% less energy than normal filament bulbs and cost very little to run, so you can enjoy your reindeer throughout the festive season with complete peace of mind. When used in conjunction with our 6 hour timer, a complete reindeer family will cost as little as 27p a week, so you can keep the magic shing bright all throughout Christmas. Our reindeer families come in white, warm white and dual colour LED for a mixture of the two, so you can match your figures to the rest of your Christmas decorations for a seamless seasonal glow.

Named after our local parks, discover the beauty of each of our reindeer families and welcome them into your home and heart this Christmas.

Amy Mason

Hi, I’m Amy! I love creating exciting new products that will ‘wow’ our customers. I spend my time working closely with our suppliers to bring the Product Team’s ideas to life for each new season, and can’t wait to see how our customers react when they launch. I’m always looking at ways we can improve our product range, as well as new opportunities for us to develop great new products that our customers will love.