How Much Do Christmas Lights Cost to Run?

Written by: Emily Rayner

We recognise that lots of people will be wondering how much Christmas lights will cost to run this year and how to be as energy efficient as possible. There are lots of ways you can keep Christmas lights costs under control whilst still enjoying a festive sparkle with your loved ones this winter. Read on and watch the video below to discover our top tips to light up your home with the magic of Christmas whilst still looking after your money.

How Much Will it Cost to Run my Christmas Lights?

Below are some estimated examples of how much your decorations will cost to run each week, so you can enjoy a bright and cosy Christmas with complete peace of mind.

*Calculated based on 6 hours use per day, using the average electricity unit rate of 27 pence per kWh. Rates may vary depending on payment method, meter type and region.

Choose LED Lights

LED stands for light-emitting diode: a really efficient way of creating light. LED lights use up to 75% less energy than a normal filament bulb and, because they use such little energy, they don’t heat up. This makes them a super safe option for lighting up your home at Christmas as they can be used in trees, on fabrics and in homes with pets or young children.

You may be surprised that, even with the rise of energy bills, lighting up your home with LEDs this Christmas will still cost very little. For example, your Christmas tree lights will only cost 4 pence to run each week when used with the 6 hour timer, meaning that you can embrace a seasonal sparkle in your home and garden this year to create special memories you’ll cherish for years to come.

Use Ambient Lighting

With most of our range using LED bulbs, we recommend switching off your main light and creating a cosy glow using ambient lighting instead. From fairy lights to LED candles, we offer a range of both plug in and battery powered Christmas lights that’ll fill your space with a comforting ambience as you snuggle up each evening.

Choose Timers

Most of our Christmas products come with a built in 6 hour timer to keep your home and garden feeling light and bright throughout the evening, but automatically switch off throughout the night to save electricity and help any battery products last longer. Our TruGlow® candles have a battery life of up to 600 hours so you can enjoy a flickering flame throughout the whole festive season before the batteries will need replacing.

We hope you have found this helpful and can find comfort in the information we have provided, as lighting up your space this winter doesn’t need to cost the earth.