5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Low Voltage Christmas Lights

Written by: Ella Carpenter

It's a common misconception that low voltage Christmas lights produce a lower light output and therefore inferior to mains powered equivalents. Every Christmas period we only offer low voltage lighting for inside your home for safety reasons, however this doesn't mean you're limited to indoors. Low voltage Christmas lights offer the same brightness and impact for your display as a mains lighting set, and at Lights4fun we only produce our low voltage lights with LEDs. Here's 5 reasons why you should buy low voltage lights this Christmas:

  1. Sorry to be a snore, but safety is paramount, and low voltage Christmas lights are the safest option on the market. If you're prone to playing with lights, have curious children or pets, then give yourself a decent night's sleep without the worry of dangerous lights.
  2. They are super lightweight. Most low voltage Christmas lights don't need large and cumbersome cabling, thus meaning you'll have your tree decorated in a jiffy.
  3. You'll get a lot more light for your money. On average you will get 50% longer lights for the same money compared to mains voltage lights.
  4. Use them inside or out. Fancy a change next year? You can easily use low voltage for your Christmas tree lights.
  5. You'll be the talk of the street. With most of our low voltage Christmas lights you can make the whole chain twinkle, fade and do more spectacular effects that you rarely find on mains powered alternatives.

Still not convinced? Have a look at our gallery below for some inspiration.