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A Guide To Festoon Lights

Written by: Grace Agar

Let's Head Outside...

Transform your garden this summer with festoon lights, that will see you through a season of alfresco celebrations and making the most of any opportunity to get outdoors. Perfect for soaking up warmer summer evenings or lighting up an outdoor special occasion, festoons are the ideal way to illuminate your outdoor space no matter the size, as our connectable festoon lights enable you to get the exact length you need for your space. We know that it can sometimes be confusing deciding which festoons are right for your space, so we’ve put together this guide to explain everything you need to know. 

Our Range of Festoons

We offer a range of mains powered, battery festoon lights and solar festoon lights to suit all your needs or preferences. Whether you’re looking to bring some life to your garden or illuminate a summer event, we have various connectable festoon lights to meet the needs and size of your home or venue. To find out more about individual specifications of the different festoons, head over to our individual breakdown of each of our festoons here.

For a more in-depth breakdown into the specifics, see our FAQ's Page where we've answered all the questions you'll need to know for when you're choosing the perfect festoons!

How To Install

Get ready to install your lights by collecting together everything you may need. If you don't already have anything to secure your festoons to, our handy Festoon Support Kit is perfect if you're wanting to display your lights overhead in the garden. Alternatively, our Festoon Poles are perfect if you're wanting to line the outskirts of your garden or create a pathway of lights. After deciding how you wish to display, it's now time to get your lights installed.

If you are using multiple sets of festoons to create your desired length, the connectable function makes for a super simple installation. Simply unscrew the end cap, align the pin and grooves then secure the two parts together. Using the cap, secure in place by twisting on, and plug in to see your festoons illuminate. For further guidance, see below for a step-by-step instruction video, or find specific instruction videos on all of our Festoon product pages!