A Magical Reindeer Adventure

Written by: Emily Rayner

On a bright and snowy morning, somewhere cold in the UK,
our Studley reindeer family, were waking up to start their day.
Now the boarders had reopened, they were getting up to leave,
heading on a magic journey, a practice run for Christmas Eve.

As the fawn was just a baby, he could not travel far,
so Bordeaux was seeming perfect, as he flew there through the stars.
With his mum right there besides him, it was feeling like a dream,
as they sat and watched the sunset, and they glanced across the sea.

The fawn and doe were together, but the stag had more to see,
with the Eiffel Tower behind him, he was finally in Paris.
While France was nice and festive, he still had more to do,
so he said goodbye to locals, and once again he flew.

It was such a tiring journey, through the snow and scary thunder,
but all of that was worth it, when he finally reached down under.
He loved the lights of Brisbane, and he met some kangaroos,
and despite their sunny weather, they all loved Christmas too.

But seeing his bouncing buddies, snuggled up in twos and threes,
had made him miss his family, who’d gone home for cups of tea.
So he flew back in the garden, while his family were asleep,
and waited for the morning, where they all would get a treat.

Even though he did love travelling, he was no longer alone,
for in the end, he made some friends, but there’s just snow place like home…..

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