Christmas Rituals - Decorating the Christmas Tree

Written by: Emily Rayner

Celebrate the most magical of winter traditions: decorating the Christmas tree. This year, it’s about slowing down, taking your time, and immersing yourself and your loved ones fully in the wonderful ritual of it all. Set aside an afternoon, a day, or a weekend and dig the baubles out of the loft, turn up your favourite Christmas album on the stereo, and revel in the nostalgia and the joy that only comes with stringing up tinsel, switching on twinkling Christmas tree lights, and popping a golden star up high. Whether it’s a charming mini Christmas tree or a great, towering fir, embrace the ritual, uncover the magic, and let your tree sparkle this winter.

Choosing your Christmas Tree

We look to celebrate the festive season in small and special ways; from making Christmas cake and trips to winter wonderland, to decorating our homes together there’s something for everyone to enjoy. The first step in decorating your home this winter is choosing your focal decoration: the Christmas tree. From traditional warm green fir trees to a snowy frosted finish, artificial Christmas trees are great alternatives to real trees that you can love and reuse year after year. For smaller spaces you can also embrace the festive spirit with mini Christmas trees or non-traditional options made from Christmas garlands twisted up a ladder or a DIY paper tree, you can get creative and make the most of any sized space.

Adding your Tree Lights

Choosing your Christmas tree lights creates the festive ambience in your home as the delicate glow fills your space with a magical glimmer of festive cheer. Multicoloured Christmas lights adds a playful and nostalgic feel to your home, white Christmas lights transforms your space into a soft snowy winter wonderland, and traditional warm white Christmas lights creates a cosy and inviting festive glow that fills your heart as your tree twinkles each evening. Begin to dress your Christmas tree from the top and intertwine the lights in a circular motion down to the base, making sure to weave them in between each branch. Keeping your Christmas tree lights switched on whilst putting them in place will ensure an even glow throughout.

Festive Finishing Touches

The finishing touch to your Christmas tree is adding your treasured Christmas decorations. Whether you choose to decorate by yourself or with loved ones, adding decorations that have been collected over the years evokes a nostalgic and sentimental feeling as you reflect on Christmases past. Adorn your Christmas tree with light up baubles, choosing from a ceramic or glass finish, placing larger baubles on the lower branches and smaller ones nearer the top to balance the look. For a festive finishing touch, complete your Christmas tree with a twinkling light up star tree topper and an abundance of Osby stars and TruGlow® candles dotted around presents underneath the tree, for a perfect magical glow.

Emily Rayner

Hi, I'm Emily! I love making the most of all the different seasons and sharing ideas for how you can transform your space to create the perfect ambience. I’ll provide some styling advice for how you can use some of our new and favourite products to create your dream home and garden.