Christmas Tidying Tips

Written by: Emily Rayner

The New Year is here with 2023 in full swing already! It's time to take down your Christmas decorations and store them away somewhere safe. Create yourself a clean and tidy space to feel refreshed and organised as you set your January goals.

The 6th of January is the traditional date to pack away your decorations so, before you begin your tidying, we've assembled some organisational tips to make packing more enjoyable and make it a lot easier for decorating next year!

Storage Solutions

Having specific boxes for your different types of decorations makes it so much easier to store everything away and keeps it all organised too! Opt for sturdy containers that can be reused as they have solid sides to protect your festive goodies year after year. Containers are also a great way to save storage space as you can stack them on top of each other without the fear of anything collapsing. Pop dividers between baubles, to protect them from breaking and save time from having to wrap each item individually.

Fuss Free Lights

Lights can be the trickiest decoration for storing as they’re easy to get tangled but by organising them now you’re sure to be thanking yourself next Christmas. Carefully unwind and remove any lights from your tree and around your home, be sure to resist pulling so you don’t dislodge any wires. If your lights are battery powered, remove any batteries from the pack to avoid any leakage and to ensure they won’t damage your decorations. A great way to stop your lights becoming tangled is to wrap them around an object to make it easier to unravel next year. Our Christmas light storage wheel is great for your tree lights as it keeps up to 120m of light in great condition or, for smaller lights, use a piece of cardboard or an empty wrapping paper tube as a base to wrap your lights.

Taking Down the Tree

Artificial Christmas trees are a great reusable option to real trees and can last for many years but storing them can be a bit tricky. Look to store your tree in a storage bag that’s specifically designed to keep your tree safe from dust throughout the year. Our Christmas tree storage bag fits a tree up to 7 foot tall and has a strong and resilient plastic material to allow your tree to be stored anywhere and remain in perfect condition. Dismantle your tree as much as you can and keep any relevant screws in a freezer or zip bag and place them together to keep them safe until next year.

Once your decorations are safely packed away, it’s time to enjoy the fresh feel in your home and get set for the year ahead!

Emily Rayner

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