Christmas Window Styling

Written by: Grace Agar

With Christmas season now truly upon us, welcome the festivities and all the enchantment that they bring. Celebrating the turn of the new season and the joyous beginning of advent with illuminated homes and gardens, we open our doors to family and friends, to celebrate more than just gift giving. Windows twinkling with stars and burning candles that serve as pockets of light amidst the darker days, and with their golden glow spreading from one window to the next, it reminds us of the warmth and cosiness that can be found even in the depths of the colder months.

Adorning windows is the perfect way to enjoy your glowing decorations from both inside and outside your home. Providing warmth and welcome, illuminated windows are a simple yet inviting touch to complete any festive display. Whether they are shining bright in the background of a Reindeer family showcase, or subtly nestled in your windows with a warm white glow, our range of star lights are a charming festive addition.

Opt for the Osby Curtain Light for a minimalistic and elegant silhouette, which has been exclusively designed to bring a Scandi inspired festive feel into your home. Perfect for styling indoors on your window, you can enjoy the sparkle of the stars from both outside as you arrive home each night, and inside when you are cosily settled. Protected by the warmth of the indoors, these lights are assured to be a festive favourite you can bring out season after season.

Create consistency throughout your home by dotting an abundance of star lights amongst each of your rooms. Choose larger designs to embellish plain walls and brighten up the darker areas of your home where there is not as much daylight. Continue to spread the festive glow upstairs, uplifting bedrooms with a simple nod to the season by suspending Osby stars from your wardrobe or propped on your chest of drawers against the wall. The classic Osby design is the versatile solution to transform your home, spreading magical moments in the run up to the big day; the perfect finishing touch to your Christmas décor