Cosy Touches for your Home Under £30

Written by: Emily Rayner

January is the perfect time to freshen up your décor and create a cosy little sanctuary at home. With the festivities over and a longer break between paydays, money can feel a little stretched in January, but switching up your décor doesn’t have to break the bank! Here are our favourite ways to add a cosy feel to your home with lighting under £30.


LED Candles are a great way to add a warm, soft glow to your space and can be used in your home throughout the whole year. The realistic flickering flame on our TruGlow® candles makes them a super realistic alternative to real candles, so you can style them anywhere in your home with the comfort of knowing they’re completely safe. Place them on your dining table to impress your dinner guests or style them on side tables and around your fireplace to add a gentle shine as you relax in the evening.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are a timeless staple in any home, and are perfect for warming up the winter months. With different colours and shapes to choose from, you’re sure to find a fairy light to complement your interior style. Hang your lights in your bedroom for a comforting shine as you drift off to sleep, or fill a dome or vase with some micro fairy lights to add a warm and modern glow to your living spaces.

Feature Pieces

For an instant cosy impact in your home, statement pieces are great at adding the perfect amount of sparkle! Osby star lights add a fun and contemporary touch to your home all year round and are great for styling on shelves and hanging on walls to create a cosy glow. Heart lights are another sweet décor piece to incorporate into your home to give your interior a little love this new year.


Create a soft yet elegant ambience to your space with our range of budget friendly lanterns! They’re perfect for placing in your living room for a gentle glow or styling in your entranceway for a warm welcome home each time you step through your door. Paired with our LED candles they create a cosy flicker to keep you snug in the evening and can also be used to house micro lights for an effective and modern sparkle throughout the whole year.