Cosy Up Your Bedroom This January

Written by: Emily Rayner

January is a great time to ensure your home is super cosy and inviting to keep you warm on the cold winter days. Your bedroom is the perfect place to transform into the ultimate snug setting for you to unwind and relax on an evening. Below are our favourite ways to create a warm and dreamy glow with bedroom lights this January.

Have Fun with Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are a great way to add a delicate charm to your space and can be styled in lots of different ways. Drape over your headboard or shelves for a gentle shine or hang them over your mirror to add a sweet sparkle. Be adventurous with your lights and add some character to your room by choosing different shapes. Whether you want to add a floral feel to your space or add a little extra love, bedroom fairy lights are a great way to create that cosy feeling.

Shine with Star Lights

Star lights are the perfect decoration to add a stylish sparkle to your home throughout the entire year! For a subtle shine, micro fairy lights are a great choice as they can be wrapped around bedposts or entwined through your ornaments for a delicate yet effective shine. If you’re wanting more of a focal statement piece why not add some of our Osby star lights to brighten up your room? They’re classic and traditional shape makes them a stunning décor piece that’s sure to be a staple as they create an inviting soft glow that fills your whole room.

Add Sparkle to Side Tables

Decorating your side table is a minimalistic way to add a calming shine to your bedroom. LED candles are a safe and easy way to create a dreamy ambience in your bedroom and look super realistic too! You can also fill a glass dome with some micro lights to create a stylish and modern décor piece to light up your room as you unwind for bed. Our micro lights and TruGlow® candles have a 6 hour built in timer option so you can enjoy the calming shine as you gently drift off to sleep.

Simple yet Stylish

The best way to add some sparkle to your bedroom is by creating a fairy light wall. Curtain lights add a simple yet elegant shine behind your bed to light up your room every evening. You can also create a photo wall for a personal and elegant feature. Simply style your fairy lights in a zig zag shape and attach your photos with pegs to the lights to reminisce as your memories are brought to life.

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