Create A Warm Autumn Entrance

Written by: Ellie Cox

Creating the perfect autumnal entrance is a must for ensuring a warm welcome home on brisk days. Whether you’re simply looking to style your front door or your whole porch, here are our top tips on how to achieve an inviting welcome this autumn.

Embrace The Season

Styling your entrance both inside and out is simpler than you may think! You can keep it minimal whilst still embracing the season. Our Outdoor TruGlow® Candles offer a cosy addition to the front of your home and they are fully waterproof, so they can be left outdoors whatever the weather! Use golden brown leaves, conkers or pinecones foraged from a trip to the woods and scatter them around your entrance for that extra touch. Outdoor lanterns are also an easy way to decorate at the front of your home. Sit two lanterns of similar designs either side of your doorway to keep it symmetrical or position as a duo next to each other, before arranging the outdoor candles alongside them. This will help to bring the overall display together, without detracting too much away from the lanterns being a key feature.

Harvest Inspired Decor

Harvest inspired decor is perfectly on trend this year and autumnal wreaths can be used to decorate both indoors and out. They are an elegant accompaniment to your set-up and can be styled on their own or entwined with micro lights to add to their appearance. Whether it’s your front door or an internal door, wreaths look great wherever they go and they can even double up as a centrepiece for your dining table. To go all out with your autumnal dining, style the wreath alongside a garland and position it like a runner within the centre of your table. You can then place mini pumpkin lights in and around the garland or sit a slightly larger pumpkin light within the centre of your wreath as a focal point of the table. You can also reuse some of the natural materials you used to decorate your front entrance, such as acorns and pinecones, to bring a touch of the outdoors in.

Adorn Indoor Spaces

Cloakrooms and indoor porches can offer the ideal space to add decoration as well. Adorn side tables with glowing pumpkin lights, they look super effective and work well as an alternative to real pumpkins or squash as they can be brought back out each year. Our mottled pumpkins are a firm favourite and are hand-finished, meaning that they all have a unique design to make them even more charming! Indoor lanterns and LED candles also suit any interior, introducing a warming & comforting feel on those chilly autumn evenings. Black metal lanterns and wooden lanterns are popular choices for the season, featuring LED candles within them to radiate a soft shine. Faux or real foliage is a great way to complete your display and can be intertwined between elements of the arrangement or you can hang a sprig or two as a feature on a wall or door inside your home.

Spooky Styling!

When the spooky season is on the horizon, it's time to incorporate fun yet stylish Halloween accessories into your styling! Outdoor lanterns and candles can be easily popped on your front step ready to greet guests and trick or treaters, with their glow lighting up your doorway. The handy timer function also guarantees automatic illumination at the same time each evening, so there’s no fuss of having to keep switching it on and off over the Halloween period. If you’re hosting a Halloween party, you can also decorate indoors for your guests. You don’t have to go overboard with the spookiness, you can still maintain your subtle autumn decor and simply add a couple of Halloween favourites for the occasion. We have a range of Halloween decorations which offer everything you need to dress your home, from spooky props to Halloween lights.

Celebrate all things autumn! From pumpkins to wreaths, there are so many ways to reflect this in your home styling.