Dear Reader

Written by: Grace Agar

Celebrate love in all its wild and glorious forms.  

A springtime of love, softness and treasured connection. Handwritten letters on ivory parchment and the prettiest pink ribbons set the scene for this most romantic of seasons, where tenderness is cherished and we never need a reason to say “I love you.” flickering candles in lace-white and blossom-blush bring gentle light and warmth to ever-brightening days as we read, and we dream, and curate scrapbooks of memories and marvellous, human moments that celebrate love in all its wild and glorious forms. 

As we look ahead to the season of Spring and all the trends we expect to see, invite light touches of pastel colours into your home as a nod to brighter seasons ahead. Uplift your TruGlow® candles with decorative touches of vintage fabrics; chiffon and lace ribbon will add a delicate, romantic touch to your existing décor, ready for a season full of springtime love. 

Delicately tie little bows of pink ribbon around the middle of ivory and blush TruGlow® pillar candles, styling larger candles with thicker ribbon and statement bows. For smaller styles, decorate with understanded bows or lace tied round the base of the candle, securing in place with double sided tape or glue for a simple yet effective DIY, that’ll subtly refresh your home.

Begin to style your embellished candles and a variety of pretty-in-pink, ivory and soft blush ribbed TruGlow® candles upon side tables, windowsills and dressing tables, in amongst delicate ornaments and fresh florals of blossom and rose. Pair our new fluted taper TruGlow® candles with vintage glass candle holders, that will perfectly complement your springtime décor.  

Complete your styling with white wooden lanterns placed at floor level, heart silhouettes and warm white fairy lights dressed all around to fill your home with a romantic ambience. This gentle colour palette will bring a hint of springtime elegance into your home, celebrating the turn of a new season with a touch of love.