DIY Alternative Christmas Tree

Written by: Grace Agar

This year it’s all about the magical moments and illuminating homes & hearts this Christmastime. However big or small your space, no home is complete without a Christmas tree, and this year we’re showing you how to DIY the perfect, minimalistic tree that’s suitable for any sized space.

Step 1: Create Your Outline

This simple but effective tree is the ultimate easy solution to opt for this festive season and requires only a few materials and steps. Begin by using a length of string to create an outline of a triangle and placing discreet command hooks or nails in all three corners to secure. Using this as your guide, evenly place your choice of hook along either side of the string, in preparation to secure the lights in place. With the fiddliest part complete, you’re now ready to see your Christmas tree begin to take shape.

Step 2: Add Lights

Starting from the bottom of the triangle (leaving the power lead running from the bottom), begin to zig-zag your connectable string lights back and forth, securing onto the hooks as you go. For more of a minimalistic and contemporary look, make the lights taut and neat, or alternatively loosen the string of lights for a more relaxed, draped aesthetic. Connectable fairy lights will enable you to perfectly tailor the size of your alternative Christmas tree.

Step 3: Decorate!

Complete with an Osby Star hung upon the wall at the very top of the tree and add a touch of festive magic by stacking presents at the foot of the wall. To adorn with a personal touch, use rustic wooden pegs to hang Christmas cards along your fairy light Christmas tree or charming Christmas decorations.

Amongst the presents, finish the look with an abundance of TruGlow® candles dotted at the foot of the tree to give an additional sparkle and cosy touch. The finished simple yet elegant look pairs perfectly with traditional Christmas foliage of spruce trees and garlands. Accompany with natural material decorative touches to complete this timeless colour palette and enjoy your illuminated, understated alternative tree display this Christmastime!