DIY Circus Light Letters

Written by: Ella Carpenter

Bring the carnival to life with our DIY circus light letters!

What will yours say?

Whether you want to introduce a cosy glow to your bedroom or make your very own party lights, look no further than these lovely letters! Using battery fairy lights, you can create your very own circus letters in no time at all by following our simple how to. Fairy lights at the ready...

What you'll need:

Wooden letters (Hobbycraft)
Fairy lights
A drill
A pencil
A4 Card


Place the letter on its side and cut directly through the centre, so that you end up with two identical halves. Disregard one as you only need one!


Measure each bulb. With your pencil, mark where you'd like to put each bulb on your letter. Drill a hole for each bulb in the wooden letters.


Paint your circus letters your favourite colour!


Cut the card (landscape) into 5cm strips. Glue around the edge of each letter to create a shade.


Feed your lights through the holes and enjoy the lovely glow!