DIY Marquee Love Letters

Written by: Ella Carpenter

Inspired by the Hollywood Hills, vintage circus letters are a must have for weddings and summer soirees. If you love this look, you can achieve it for less with our DIY guide.

Feel the love

Marquee light letters are a statement party decoration which can't be missed! With a bit of know-how and a few strings of our festoon lights, you can create your own light letter sign in a matter of moments. It's easier than you think, although you may need the help of a DIY enthusiast for this one. Cue Adrian... He’s kindly opened up his garage to share his simple steps for creating the ultimate light letters.

What you'll need:

Four strings of Festoon Lights with detachable bulb-caps

Two sheets of MDF (our letters are 4’ 32”)

A Jigsaw power tool

A drill


A workbench and vice


Paint Roller

Step One

Plan your measurements carefully. Use a pencil to mark the letters onto the MDF and cut to size using a jigsaw.

Step Two

Measure the width of each letter and find the middle. Mark this central point several places along the letters, connect with a ruler and draw a straight line.

Step Three

Measure the length of cable between each festoon bulb, this will tell you how far apart the holes need to be on your letters. Using the central line you've already drawn on your letters mark where each bulb needs to go.

Step Four

Drill each hole using a flat wood drill bit to ensure a snug fit for your festoon lights, then use sandpaper to remove any rough edges.

Step Five

For a perfectly smooth finish, paint using a radiator roller.

Step Six

Screw in your bulbs and illuminate!

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Written by: Ella Carpenter

Category: DIY

Posted on May 31, 2019

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