DIY Outdoor Chandelier

Written by: Grace Agar

Alfresco Dining How-To

Open-air celebrations beneath glowing and abundant décor. Perfect to suspend over rich, organic tablescapes, we are sharing how to create a DIY Chandelier to compliment any alfresco dinner party this summer. Embracing the natural magic of outdoor ceremonials, this overhead feature sets the scene for a vibrant summer

What You'll Need:

2 bamboo or hula hoops, fishing wire, microlights, hanging solar bulbs. Optional extras - hessian ribbon, flowers.

Step 1. Prepare the hoop

Begin your chandelier using 2 natural bamboo hoops that are roughly the same size. Using fishing wire, attach four equal lengths around the hoop, tying securely with a knot. Placing your hoop down, bring together the loose ends of the wire and bring to a central point at the top and tie together. To make it easier to attach the second hoop, we advise to now suspend your hoop from a hook or pole before moving on with the proceeding steps.

Step 2. Secure and illuminate

Now taking your second hoop, attach four slightly shorter equal lengths of wire at 4 points around the hoop. Attach the loose ends of these lengths of wire to the first (now hanging) hoop, so that it suspends directly below. Add a gentle glow to your chandelier, using outdoor micro lights and loop around the lower hoop, then the upper, and run the lead cable to the battery box upwards so that the box can be hung clear of the chandelier. Finish by wrapping the battery box in a length of hessian ribbon to disguise it.

Step 3. Decorate

To create the hanging focal point of the chandelier, take 5-9 solar bulbs and suspend from the lower hoop using loops of fishing wire. Play with varying heights and positions for maximum effect and a gloriously informal look. For an additional finishing touch, take 4 cut flower stems and run one down each length of wire towards the upper hanging hoop, gathering the bottoms of each stem together and securing at the very top of the chandelier with string.

Step 4. Suspend & Secure

With your chandelier complete, it’s time to display. Whether that be from a pergola, horizontal pole, or even a sturdy tree branch over an outdoor table, secure well using the top point of fishing wire and enjoy how your tablescape elevates as your DIY chandelier begins to softly illuminate at dusk.