Festoon Lights Buying Guide

Written by: Emily Rayner

Festoon lights are a great way to add a cosy glow to your space to transform both the inside and outside of your home. We offer a wide range of festoon lights in a variety of colours and lengths, so you can use your festoon lights to express your personality in your home and garden.

To help you choose the best lights for your space, we’ve created the ultimate festoon lights buying guide so you know which lights are best suited to your needs.

Our Range of Festoon Lights

We offer a range of mains powered, battery festoon lights and solar festoon lights so you can find exactly what you need to transform your home and garden this year. Below is a comparison table and breakdown of all our key mains powered festoon lights to help you decide on the best fit for your space.

Core Connect Festoon Lights

Our Core Connect festoon lights are a great quality and style option with a low voltage (31v) power source. With a classic bulb effect, they’re great for both big and small spaces and will transform your spring and summer garden parties to bring your space to life. Hang them on fences, and drape along pergolas to create the ultimate garden glow up. We’d recommend taking them in during the winter time to avoid any damage and styling around your home instead for a cosy snug setting.

Pro Connect Festoon Lights

Our Pro Connect festoon lights are a premium quality option that’s great for both home and commercial use. They can be kept up all year round and come with the option of both clear and frosted bulb caps so you can create the perfect glow for your garden. They have a voltage of 230v and come in a variety of bulb colours and the option of a black or white cable. Hang them around your pergola or along walls to create a charming shine for your alfresco dining, or a magical ambience for your outdoor movie nights.

Ultimate Connect Festoon Lights

The Ultimate Connect range of festoon lights have a voltage of 220v and have been designed for commercial use with premium quality and longevity in mind. They have replaceable bulbs giving you the ultimate flexibility and are weatherproof so can be displayed all year round. With options of different coloured bulbs and cables, they’re a perfect option for weddings, venues and events.

Ingenious Connect Festoon Lights

Perfect for transforming large spaces, our Ingenious Connect festoon lights are the most traditional and classic festoon range we offer. Inspired by Thomas Edison, the fragile glass bulbs use 230v to provide a stunning and authentic golden glow. With options of different styles of both belts and bulbs, they’re sure to create a cosy and comforting light for your weddings, parties and events.

Twinkly Festoon Lights

Our Twinkly festoon lights are a showstopping statement piece to add to your garden this year. Controlled by your smart phone, you have complete personalisation over the look and design of your lights. With individual LEDs you can choose the colour of each bulb and add effects and animation on the app to adapt the lights for every season and create the ultimate light display. They're great for styling along walls and fences or draped around your pergola for a stunning party statement. Perfect for using throughout the entire year we'd recomment a dry box to keep them protected in the winter.

Smaller Space Festoon Lights

Our collection of festoon lights also includes ranges for smaller spaces to completely lift your garden decor. Our plug in festoon lights are a quick and easy way to add a classic glow to your garden and are super simple to just switch on and watch your space come to life. Our outdoor battery festoon lights are a great fuss free option for those who don't have an outdoor plug socket and can be styled anywhere in your home or garden. We also stock a wide range of solar festoon lights so you can brighten up your space in an eco-friendly way. Style these lights anywhere in your garden, along fences and overhead spaces, and watch as your garden comes to life when dusk falls each evening.

Learn more about our connectable festoon light ranges here to transform your space this year!