Finding The Perfect Festoons

Written by: Ellie Cox

Festoon lights remain perfectly on-trend whatever the season! Whether you're looking for the perfect party lighting for your garden gatherings in the spring summer months or simply want to add a decorative touch to your interior all year round, our festoon ranges offer something for every use or occasion.

Garden Glow

Festoon lights are sure to help achieve a glowing & inviting look in your garden!

Warm white bulbs are our go-to choice to get that cosy feel! They suit every type of space and there are different options to choose from, depending on your needs and preference. Our connectable festoons offer the ability to connect multiple sets of lights together, using the simple connectors at the ends of each string, to create your desired length. Our Pro Connect festoons can be used outdoors all year round! These durable lights are designed to be long-lasting so there's no worry of them being damaged. Drape them above your garden set-up to set the ambience for relaxing outdoors or dining alfresco. If you're looking for lights which you can easily pop up and down for spring or summer events, our Core Connect range are perfect for you. A staple for swagging along fences or spanning courtyards, these festoon lights are a great balance of style & quality!

Lively Look

Multi coloured festoons will guarantee a fun, party feel!

Ideal for if you're having guests over for a few drinks at the weekend, hosting a birthday bash or marking a special occasion, they will inject a touch of vibrancy instantly. Outdoor festoon lights are sure to uplift your garden display as well as lift your mood! Not only do they make a colourful feature for during the day, they provide enough light to enable you to continue your celebrations into the night. Great for hanging high on sunny summer days, they are easy to display and there's no fuss involved. Simply hang them overhead and plug them in ready for nightfall. All that's left to do is get the music going and grab yourself a cocktail! If you're seeking a more commercial product, our multi coloured Ultimate Connect festoons are also a great choice. A must-have if you're hosting a big event or lighting up a large venue, they deliver on premium quality and longevity.

Indoor Spaces

Festoons also work well in indoor spaces and can help to fill empty spots in your home.

Opt for lightweight and low voltage lights which are easy to display. Perspex bulbs are great for indoor use, as they can be hung up without any hassle. Battery festoons are versatile in their styling and can be popped wherever you like within your space! You can even tuck the battery box out of sight for a seamless finish and they have the added bonus of being able to be set to the handy 6 hour timer function to enable automatic glow at the same time each day. Micro festoons are also perfectly suited to the modern home. With delicate micro fairy lights housed inside each bulb, this gives them a sparkling look which adds to their effect. Drape them along shelf edges or along counters in your kitchen for a little light! They will add that fresh and bright feel to your space, as well as introducing cosy mood lighting for your sit down meals in the evening.

Traditional Style

If traditional style is more your thing, we also have festoons for you!

Our Ingenious lights definitely deliver on wow factor. Offering durable, high quality festoons, our Ingenious Connect range is ideal for special occasions such as weddings or anniversary parties. Meticulously designed for permanent indoor or outdoor use & featuring vintage Edison inspired bulbs, they are an unmissable feature for events and commercial spaces. You can even extend up to 500m of lighting from just one power source! This makes them flexible in their styling, allowing you to connect them together to achieve the ultimate look. Their classic bulbs are made from fragile glass to add to their appearance, so be sure to take extra care when handling them! We recommend them for marquee ceilings or hanging high above your event or space. Opt for globe bulbs or squirrel cage bulbs depending on which look you prefer - they both look super stylish!