Here Comes The Sun | Springtime Trends

Written by: Ellie Cox

With the end of winter now in sight, we’re already thinking about how to create perfect little springtime scenes for ourselves at home once the warmer weather and lighter days arrive. We’re ready to say goodbye to the snow, and the cold, and the long, dark nights, and to welcome back the sun – we’ve missed you!

A Springtime Picnic

ravel may still be off the cards for now, so it’s to our gardens, patios and balconies we turn to greet the sun and the lighter, brighter days. Outdoor dining feels more tempting than ever, and whilst we eagerly anticipate a return to restaurants with friends, there are plenty of delicious alfresco moments to be found at home.

Indulge for the sake of indulging with a decadent springtime picnic, as soon as the weather allows: get outside with a blanket, a stack of mismatched crockery, and whatever you can find in the kitchen – be it strawberries and cream or tea and biscuits. Make an afternoon of it, stretching lunch out for as long as possible whilst you shut away the outside world and take the time to slow down, switch off, and relax. Add outdoor candles and string upon string of fairy lights as the evening draws in, pour yourself a glass of something fizzy, and enjoy the return of the sun after so many months being cooped up indoors.

Magical Escapism

Create a sparkling sanctuary for yourself to escape to in any outdoor space. A gently twinkling curtain light strung between trees or lining the walls of an outdoor courtyard will bring a touch of magic, allowing you to ensconce yourself, for an evening, in your own personal hideaway.

Weatherproof LED candles lend a wonderful ambience to a cosy outdoor nook, crystal-effect butterfly lights trail beautifully through flowerbeds, and a charming brace of bunnies tucked between glowing illuminated toadstools will delight both children and grown-ups alike. In the absence of a garden, simply throw open your windows and let the outside in: adorn rooms with houseplants and trailing vines, dot micro fairy lights and battery powered candles here and there, and enjoy your enchanting haven at home.

There's No Place Like Home

More than ever before, our homes are now our castles, and they deserve a lot of love for being our sanctuaries, our offices, our schools, and our social hubs over the past year. Sprucing up for springtime may be a normal part of many of our calendars, but this year we think our homes warrant a little more: after all, decorating for the seasons doesn’t have to just mean Christmas.

Adding a springtime flower wreath to your front door will bring a touch of cheer; choose from lavender buds or sunflowers, then dress your porch or entranceway with outdoor lanterns and battery powered candles, and wrap topiary bushes and trees in strings of fairy lights that sparkle prettily come nightfall. Use calming, natural colours where possible; a soft linen tablecloth on a garden table, or a cosy woollen blanket over a bench to snuggle into when the sun goes down, surrounded by twinkling lights: the perfect way to welcome in the new season.