Holiday at Home

Written by: Flo Oldridge

The days of jam-packing your suitcase, squeezing it closed and jetting off somewhere scorching hot have been compromised for the time being, but taking some downtime is just as important as ever! Break away from your daily routine, make plans with family & friends and get ready to holiday at home.


For those who love the outdoors, camping is a super popular holiday choice throughout the summertime. The UK is home to thousands of pretty towns and villages, giving you the option to travel as far or as little as you wish. Whether you’re exploring somewhere new or happy near home, pop up your tent and enjoy the surroundings. Use battery powered fairy lights to frame the shape of your tent, adding a pretty illumination by night. Hassle-free and run solely from rays of sun, solar lights are an easy way to provide light in the evenings. Outdoor lanterns are a great option, with colours and styles to suit your space as well as being mobile to move around, they add a glow wherever you place them.

Seeking Tranquility

The soothing sound of swimming pools splashing and the waves crashing on the shore is something we are all craving! Holidays are on the horizon but for now we can create a relaxing sanctuary at home. Strip back your space to a rustic look, building garden furniture from pallets, accessorised with neutral-toned cushions. Draping outdoor fairy lights from tree to tree and completing with a water feature. They are a great way to bring those chilled out vibes to your space and are super easy to install, providing a gentle flow of water within moments. Close your eyes, enjoy the sun, reduce stress and recharge your mind.

Image: @theresa_gromski

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