How to Create the Ultimate Haunted House

Written by: Emily Rayner

Are you ready for fright night? Transform your pathways, patios and porches into the gruesome grounds of a haunted house this Halloween, with devilish decorations and ghoulishly glowing lights ready to bring your garden to life as darkness falls and witching hour approaches. From petrifying pumpkins to frightful fairy lights create a bewitching scare this spooky season.

Frightening Figures

Make this Halloween as enchanting as ever by adorning porchways and gardens with ghostly decorations, combining charm and fun for the ultimate haunted house décor. Surprise tirick-or-treaters with our with characters such as such as Cackling Cathy, a life-size animated witch who'll jump into action when she hears guests approaching your front door or her canine companion, a charming Labrador dressed in a ghost costume to guard your porch. Uplift your display with light up pumpkins, placed in windows and around the entrance of your house for a fuss free setup that’ll be safe for pets and little ones.

Spooktacular Stakes

Enrich your Halloween front garden by welcoming all your ghoulish guests to walk through a gruesome graveyard where they'll be greeted by more tricks than treats. With an enchanting shine from your skeleton hands, witches' legs and glowing ghosts, these spooky stakes are sure to bring your garden (back) to life. Illuminate lawns, pathways and plant pots, to create a wicked welcome for all.

Eerie Ambience

Complete your haunted house design with the eerie glow of flickering candles and haunted house lanterns dotted indoors and out. The gentle glimmer of candlelight will create a chilling shine that sends shivers down your spine to tie your Halloween look all together, for a spooky ambience which will last all evening long.

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