How To Make The Ultimate Haunted House

Written by: Ben Naughton

Transform Your Home Into A Haunted House!

With trick-or-treat sweets and children’s costumes lining the aisles of supermarkets, Halloween fun is often left to the kids without much thought for grown-up monsters. At Lights4fun, we don’t like to think of anyone missing out on a chance to party and so have come up with some styling tips and tricks for creating the ultimate adult Halloween party.

Transforming your home into a haunted house is the perfect opportunity to get creative and dedicate your decor to all things spooky. Think the Munsters mansion meets your favourite thriller film, and you’ll be on your way.

Spooky Graveyard Garden

If you have a front garden, make like the Addams family and create your own ancestral graveyard. Although this may sound like a monster task, Halloween props such as gravestones are a quick and easy way of transforming your welcoming walkway into a haunting display, perfect for greeting your guests and welcoming trick-or-treaters.

Keep things simple with your Halloween decorations and stretch over spider webs to create a neglected cemetery look or adorn with plants and props, such as skulls and dried out flowers to pay tribute to the spirits. For dry nights, adding candles creates a super spooky atmosphere that increases as the darkness of All Hallows’ Eve begins to fall – ensure you use LED candles to rid you of any worry of naked flames, so you can ‘Rest In Peace’ and enjoy the night.

Haunting Vibes!

With well-placed candles and the right lighting, your home can be turned into a setting fit for a witches’ gathering. This look is easy to put together, really effective and can quickly be taken down and stored away in preparation for winter festivities.

This minimal but bewitching design is all about using candlelight to create an atmosphere fitting of 17th century Salem. We achieved the look using a variety of candles such as LED taper candles in a candelabra, flickering tea lights to align the wood burner and dripping wax pillar candles to nestle between guests’ drinks. Using the magic of LEDs, this spellbinding look is completely safe. Keep it dark and doom-filled by illuminating the room solely with candles, or add clear bulb festoon lights for a bright touch of lighting that maintains the oldie worldie vibe.

With some effortless touches of cobwebs, you can instantly age your home and they’re great for covering up any modern appliances, such as CD players. For an idea that has legs, bundle the web and plastic spiders into a glass dome to look like a witch’s pet… or part of your potion ingredients.

For those with contemporary furniture that doesn’t quite fit the theme, simply drape over a white sheet. It will instantly look like as though the Master of the house threw over dust sheets to protect his priceless pieces before abandoning his haunted house.

The Devil's In The Detail

No mummies’ toenails or eye of newt is needed for this perfect recipe! All you need is purple Halloween lights, some Halloween props and LED candles… you’ll have a Halloween party to die for in no time.

Using two sets of our connectable purple fairy lights, we created one continuous string that hung from the ceiling and covered the room in a fabulous blanket of purple. Combining this lighting with LED candle lights, including our distressed red candles and vintage taper candles, the room gave off a dramatic feel that Beetlejuice himself would adore.

A freaky feast for your guests’ eyes, this look is all about the details. Summon up your decorating demon and have fun dressing your mantelpiece in piles of old books, spreading over cobwebs and dotting around tea lights. Added touches, such as layering old rugs and disguising television sets under white sheets, all add to the haunted house illusion.