Keep it Cosy!

Written by: Emily Rayner

There's no place like home. Snuggle up, hunker down, and find your haven with flickering candles, sparkling stars, and all things cosy. Leave the Christmas lights up until January: keep the cheer going and cocoon everything, and everyone, in a comforting glow as we retreat into the warmth and discover the joy of staying in.

The Joy of Staying In

Whilst January welcomes in the start of a fresh new year, it brings with it cold, dark and often wet days meaning we spend more time indoors. After all the socialising and busyness of Christmas, January is the perfect time to start nesting and make your home as cosy and snug as possible to add a glow to the dark nights. Elevate the cosiness of your living areas by dotting candles around your home for a soft comforting ambience as you snuggle down each night. Whilst you can use real candles, LED candles are a great alternative as they can be placed anywhere in your home, near fabrics and around children and pets with the reassuring safety that they stay cool to the touch. For a soft and welcome ambience, introducing subtle touches of colours like pink and rose gold adds warmth into a room without overpowering the rest of your décor.

Warm Neutrals

For rooms that have completely neutral décor, warmth and cosiness can be found through adding warm white lighting. Fairy lights are the easiest way to transform your home into a January haven as the variety of options can be tailored to fit in with the rest of your home furnishings. Mix the cap of your fairy lights in with your existing decorations; choose cotton to add soft texture, glass for a minimalist design or Moroccan inspired designs for an elegant bohemian feel. For smaller rooms with less space, you can also add a glow to side tables by entwining warm white micro lights around your décor or placing them in a glass dome for a simple yet effective staple piece that transcends the seasons.

All Things Cosy

The final way to tie all of your cosy décor together this January is by incorporating height at all levels in your home for a complete brightening effect. Indoor lanterns are the simplest way to add height into your spaces as they can be styled on floors, side tables or shelves for a gentle light that fills your whole room. To create the ultimate cosy bedroom this winter, fill them with an LED candle or micro fairy lights and place them around your room along with fairy lights and star lights for a seamless and timeless warm white glow each evening.