Lovingly Left Up Decorations

Written by: Grace Agar

The warmest retreat in the depths of wintertime; snuggle up this January, seeking cosiness and comfort away from the howling winds outside. Continue the feeling of merriment into the new year, indulging in the sparkle of lovingly left-up decorations that create the perfect ambience all year round and relax in the comfort of your glowing indoor haven.

Cosy Candlelight

Discover the joy of staying in this January; whilst the days are long and dark, find comfort in the warmth of the indoors, cosy under a knitted blanket and surrounded by the glow of candlelight. Softly illuminate dark evenings by dotting candles around your home for a comforting ambience as you wind down each night. Elevating the cosiness of your space and providing the comfort of a candle but that never melts away, our TruGlow® candles are the perfect way to subtly uplift your home.

Bringing Memories To Life

After the busyness of the festive period, the new year is the perfect time reflect on all the good memories from the prior year and look forward to the new year ahead. Reuse your festive curtain lights to create a personal and elegant feature; using small pegs to attach polaroids or printed photos to the wire of the lights, either to reminisce on last year's favourite moments, or vision board what you hope is to come for 2024.

Reusing Your Festive Fairy Lights 

Make the most of your favourite fairy lights all year round and add delicate charm to your home, styling them in an abundance of ways. Drape along your headboard, embed on your shelves or hang over mirrors for a gentle sparkle and pockets of lights on dark days.