Save Energy This Summer With Solar Lighting

Written by: Marketing Team

As summer is on the horizon, we look forward to spending time outdoors and getting our gardens ready for the sunny season ahead. For many of us, we’re wondering what the most simple and cost-effective ways to uplift our outdoor spaces this season. Claire, our Senior Product Manager, is giving us the top reasons why solar lights are the ultimate choice for lighting up your garden and top tips using solar lighting to create a space to enjoy alfresco evenings together at home.

Powered by the sun!

Easy to install and with no need for access to a power socket or batteries, solar lights will simply soak up the sun during the day and gently illuminate once dusk begins to fall. Solar powered lights have little to no running cost, as the batteries are charged by a natural source of sunlight, making for a cost effective solution to illuminate your outdoor space. With such a wide variety of solar powered garden lights to choose from, from festoons and fairy lights to lanterns, there is something to suit every garden and price range.

How to use

Simply position your solar panel in the sunniest spots of your garden, to ensure that it can soak up the sun rays during the day and get enough charge into the rechargeable solar battery within the panel. The daylight sensor will then come into action as the day draws to a close and illuminate your outdoor space for up to 8 hours during the sunny months. Solar lights will bring your garden to life as the evening begins to settle in, so you can enjoy time spent in the garden without the need for switching plugs or power packs on and off.

Top Tips

While our solar powered garden lights have an IP44 rating, meaning that they are weather resistant in the summer months, we recommend storing your solar lights away during the winter to protect them and keep them looking their best. During the darker months, there is also less sunlight for the solar panel to soak up, meaning less charge for the battery resulting in shorter illumination time for the lights. Bring your solar lights back out again in spring, once the weather improves and the days begin to get sunnier and they'll be brighter and illluminate for longer.

With a 2 year product guarantee and the simplicity of set up and use, solar lights are the perfect way to transform your garden this summer!