Self-Care Tips to Find Your Balance This January

Written by: Emily Rayner

During the winter solstice, our mood and energy often feel depleted and we can sometimes feel off balance as we eagerly await the arrival of spring. With social events calming down after Christmas, January is the perfect time to slow down and invest some time in yourself implementing small self-care rituals to focus on your wellness. Take the time to relax and recharge both your body and mind and slowly begin to find your balance.

Create a Spa-throom

The perfect way to reset your energy is by unwinding with a trip to the spa for some well-deserved me-time. Whilst spas are a great treat every now and then, you can implement a more permanent relaxation ritual at home by creating your own spa-throom. Tranquil waters, soothing spaces, and the gentle glow of a flickering candle is the perfect recipe to help your mind and body rest as you feel any worries slowly melt away. Create your spa-like ambience by filling your bathroom with the comforting glow of flickering flame LED candles, ignite your senses with lavender essential oils and indulge in luxury with white fluffy robes as you usher in quiet moments of calm.

Find your Escape

Another way to slow down the busyness of everyday life is to find a personal hobby to immerse yourself in where you can escape and relax your mind. Reading is one of the best ways to fully switch off as you can completely get lost in the storytelling of your book and reconnect with your creative mind as your imagination is freed with every page you turn. To enhance your experience, create a cosy nook, that’s separate to the rest of your every day living sapce, so you can feel your energy and mentality shift each time you retreat there. This could be as simple as a corner of your room with a comfy armchair and your favourite blanket where you can completely relax and get cosy. Fill your nook with ambient lighting such as fairy lights, LED candles and star lights that will create the perfect cosy ambience as you slow down, snuggle up and unwind.