Spring Door Styling

Written by: Ellie Cox

The concept of 'kerb appeal' has recently become a widely discussed topic in the home decor world, with many of us starting to pay more attention to our front doors & entrances as part of our styling. Not only is the front of your house the first thing you are welcomed by when you arrive home, it is also often admired by guests, neighbours as well as passers-by. We have some great ideas on how you can give the front of your house the attention it deserves!

Brighten Your Front Door

Wreaths are the perfect solution for brightening up any dark or drab doors, or for simply adding that extra decorative touch!

Creating a warm welcome is key for any home entrance. You can instantly uplift your space by simply positioning a brightly coloured spring wreath within the centre of your front door. Choose a wreath which incorporates your favourite flowers or foliage of the season. You could opt for lavender, sunflowers or eucalyptus depending on your preference. For the ultimate effect, entwine the wreath with outdoor micro lights to create a glowing feature which will greet you on an evening when you return home! Complement this by incorporating other bright tones within your outdoor space and keep it fresh by planting flowers, such as daisies or yellow pansies, in plant pots either side of your doorstep to complete the look.

Line Your Steps

Introduce a glow to your steps to light the way up to your front door once night falls.

Garden lanterns and outdoor candles are an easy way to decorate your steps & are perfectly on-trend. Opt for a duo of the same styled lanterns of two differing heights & position them side by side, or sit two of the same lantern either side of your steps. Alternatively, you can mix and match with different styles and sized lanterns for a varied display. Once you have your lanterns in position, you can then easily distribute LED candles in and around them to complete the look. Our Outdoor TruGlow® Candles are the ideal finishing touch. Sit them at different heights on your steps, bunching a few together on some steps and having others sat individually on others depending on how they best fit with your arrangement.

Dress Plants & Greenery

Embellishing greenery and plants at your entrance will also help to achieve that wow-factor!

Micro fairy lights are ideal, as they are super flexible and can be weaved & shaped however you like. Whether you have bay trees, a trough planter or a few simple plant pots or hanging baskets, these lights suit every feature. Your greenery doesn't even have to be real! You can choose a low maintenance alternative to real foliage for minimum fuss, which are just as effective. If you want something in the middle, which doesn't take too much looking after but isn't artificial, there a few types of plants you could go for. Topiary and lavender are great choices for spring and will look good in your garden for a long time. Simply weave the delicate micro lights in and around the foliage as a finishing touch, bringing them to life once its gone dark.

Spring Door Inspiration

Looking to get inspired? Check out some of the images our wonderful customers have shared of their spring doors!

Image: @acorn_cottage_

Image: @mulbridgeway

Image: @renovating_dale_abode