Spring Home Styling

Written by: Ellie Cox

Fresh looking features and florals are our go-to for any spring interior! As the days begin to get lighter and longer and the flowers begin to bloom, it’s time to reflect this in your home with some bright and colourful decor.

Seasonal Wreaths

From fun wreaths to floral wreaths, there are ones to suit every style!

Our spring wreaths & garlands are super seasonal. Featuring vibrant colours and faux foliage, they look just as good as the real thing and can also be re used year after year. Ideal for hanging on your door inside your home as a decoration or propping up against a wall in your kitchen or living room, they will liven up any space in seconds. To add to its look, entwine the wreath with micro lights to make it glow come evening. These delicate little lights remain cool to the touch, so you can leave them switched on as you style them to ensure the wreath is evenly lit. Alternatively, opt for warm white fairy lights to achieve an even greater glow and sit the wreath on your mantel to add warmth to your lounge - since you'll no longer have the fire on as it gets warmer!

Subtle Spring Touches

If you're looking to keep your styling a little more subtle, you can still add lighting which will make less of a statement.

To keep with the spring theme, our Easter themed micro lights are perfect for the season and offer a more toned down alternative compared to a bold wreath. Ideal for your displaying as part of your Easter table or simply brightening up shelves, they make a charming decorative touch. Weave them in and around your displays, they can be shaped and twisted any way you like and are flexible in their styling! Floral fairy lights are also well suited to spring and make an elegant addition to table tops or can be draped within your living space with ease. As pretty switched off as they are lit, they fit effortlessly within any home and can be styled alongside a vase of your favourite flowers or a few sprigs of foliage to uplift the arrangement.

Homey Feel

Indoor lanterns and LED candles are a must-have for adding that homey feel to your interior.

Despite the warmer weather making a return, we still want our homes to feel as cosy as can be! Warm white lighting can help create that snug feel whilst keeping your space stripped back and minimal. Our selection of indoor lanterns are great for popping on side tables or window sills as a feature. With handcrafted and rustic designs, our Artisan lanterns are perfectly on-trend. Paired with one of our TruGlow® candles, they make the perfect statement piece for any room! Alternatively, you can style a variety of candles together as part of a display instead. Ivory & white candles work best for spring, to maintain that clean look. Choose a selection of different sizes, such as chapel, pillar and votive candles, sitting them in pairs or trios at differing heights.

Refresh & Revamp

Refreshing and revamping your space is a lot simpler than you may think!

Make sure you give your house a good spring clean and get rid of any clutter before incorporating your decorative touches. Choose a minimal colour scheme such as beige, cream and white for your walls and decor as a starting point. You can then move on to adding pops of colours, such as vases filled with greenery, which will also bring freshness to the room. Indoor house plants are ideal for this, not only do they look great they also help to purify the air in your home and contribute to reducing stress! For a little light by night, hang festoons across your ceiling. They are a stylish decoration during the day and will help to introduce a warm glow once it's gone dark, perfect for setting that relaxing mood for chilled out evenings.

Get your home spring ready...