Spring Refresh: 2023 Styling Trends

Written by: Emily Rayner

Welcome the joy that springtime brings, connecting with the outdoors as the sun begins to shine. We blur the lines between the home and garden, unearthing an abundance of happiness in newfound pleasures and rejuvenating our home for the season ahead. Here we break down the top trends for the bright new season and prepare for the ultimate spring refresh.

Biophilic Designs

Welcome the beauty of the outdoors into your home this season with biophilic designs, incorporating spring wreaths and fresh plants into your home décor. A natural colour palette of muted wood and soft forest green, and organic textures of fern leaves and natural twig will bring nature inside, connecting your home and garden together. Place potted foliage in between wicker baskets and terracotta pots, decorating nearby side tables with a hint of greenery. Intertwine delicate micro lights amongst rustic spring wreaths, hung on the front of your entrance door to create an ambient glow, tying your spring décor altogether.

Embrace Slow Living

A key trend for spring 2023 is taking delight in the everyday and embracing the simplicity of slow living; relishing time spent in your kitchen garden, full of happiness and regrowth. Enjoy time spent outdoors, relaxing and unwinding, whether it be pottering in your garden or watching the evening sunset, we find contentment in the little things in life. Transform your outdoor living space into a springtime haven, adorning traditional festoon lights overhead, swagging each string across tree tops and garden fences to achieve the ultimate warming glow. Complement with solar lanterns placed beside your potting bench and outdoor furniture for a cosy ambience that’ll illuminate your garden once dusk begins to fall.

Natural Tones and Textures

Weave hints of nature into your home with earthy, natural tones and textures, creating a laid-back living space for you to relax and enjoy. Position natural wooden indoor lanterns in the corner of your entrance or beside a console table in your hallway, for a rustic touch to your springtime décor. The addition of an LED pillar candle with a warm white flickering flame in each lantern adds a touch of warmth when illuminated, creating a timeless, welcoming glow to all of your guests throughout spring months. Complement the warm ambience with an abundance of TruGlow® candles dotted in clusters upon surrounding side tables and shelves. Choose a variety of slim and pillar ivory, and smoked glass LED candles, for an unpolished, authentic finishing touch to your interior spring styling.