Lights4fun & Starlight Planet Fairy Lights

Written by: Marketing Team

In March 2021, we embarked on an exciting adventure with our long-term charity partner Starlight Children’s Foundation. We teamed up to launch a competition for the children of Starlight to design their very own set of fairy lights. We received so many incredible designs that it was difficult to choose just one winner, but one very special drawing really stood out to us all, and so we set off on our great space adventure to create the perfect string of Planet Fairy Lights, designed by Zarak aged 7.

“We were delighted to work on another project with Starlight which allowed us to engage with the children as well as the charity, and bring Zarak’s idea to life.” Claire Bassett, Lights4fun.

"I was super excited to be involved in this project with Zarak and Starlight. My involvement was relatively simple as Zarak did all of the hard work! I took his initial drawing and created a digital version which then turned into a production drawing, which in turn went to our inhouse product team. Zarak’s design really stood out to us, it was very special as soon as we saw it, full of warmth and colour which will add playfulness to any room." Laurence Campbell, Senior Design Leader at Lights4fun.

"Once we got Zarak’s design drawn up by Laurence, we looked at various different ways of designing the Planet Fairy Light. Because of the nature of Zarak’s drawing, we thought it would be best to work on something where we could get the finite crayon drawing through onto the actual material, so the wooden texture allowed us to get all of the fine lines exactly as Zarak intended it to be finished. It’s been particularly important to us, bringing a child’s imagination of a product to life, so this project has been really fulfilling for the team as we’ve all engaged with the story behind it." Claire Bassett, Senior Product Manager at Lights4fun.

"Starlight’s aim is to make the experience of serious illness better for children and families by providing play and distraction in hospitals and healthcare settings across the UK, as well as organising special days out and breaks away for families during long-term treatment. Lights4fun’s support means the world to us and by buying these lights you will be helping to fund our services, and bring a smile to the faces of children during difficult times." Jessica Carter, Corporate & Events Manager at Starlight Children’s Foundation.

We are so incredibly honoured to have worked with Zarak and been a part of this special journey in support of the Starlight Children’s Foundation. All profits from each sale of the Planet Fairy Lights will be donated to Starlight, to help seriously ill children experience the joy of childhood through the power of play.

To help us further support Starlight, please see our Blue Osby Star Light where every penny of profit is also donated, and select our checkout donation before completing your order to help Starlight make moments of light when the day is at its darkest.

To learn more about the special work Starlight Children’s Foundation does, please visit their website here.