Hello Summer!

Written by: Flo Oldridge

Interior trends are spilling out into the garden for a summer at home! Take the inside out and enjoy your favourite themes, fabrics and colours in the fresh air. Continue reading to discover how to style your garden to suit the 2021 trends, now summer has officially begun!

Summer Blues

One of our favourite trends across the home and interior sectors this season is a calm shade of blue. Lighter in colour and often seen paired with a crisp white, the duo offers your space serenity as we see the world return to a new type of ‘normal’. Stepping out of a period of confusion, into a more tranquil state is everything we have been dreaming of and more. Focus your blues into the accessories, through cushions and crockery. Dress the display with outdoor fairy lights to bring warmth to your space. Fairy lights can be wrapped around tree trunks or elegantly draped wall to wall, adding a glisten to your garden. Why not try pairing outdoor lanterns with LED candles to finish the look? Offering a soft flickering flame and holding a mellow glow.

Minimalistic Styling

Keeping your decor neutral offers a timeless, classic design year after year. Opt for earthy shades paired with bolder, darker metals and curved designs to achieve this look. This has been super popular and we can’t see it going anywhere! Wooden outdoor furniture is a great place to start. Taking back over from the rattan trend, we are seeing wood return bigger and better than before! Soften the finish on your furniture with chunky seat cushions and woven throws. Our festoon lights are an interior designer's dream, featuring bigger bulbs than our fairy lights they bring an on-trend look to your space. Style them around the perimeter of your outdoor dining area or drape along the fence to bring those cosy garden vibes.

Statement Colour

Adding a pop of colour to your home and garden is a must this season! Vibrant lemony yellows, hues of blue, not forgetting a lucky green. Each and every bright shade of the colour wheel is trending this summer and we are here for it! There are so many ways to add colour to your outside space, with the help of patterned rugs, a splash of paint or pretty plants. Entwine multi-coloured string lights around a pergola to create an illuminated ceiling above your dining space. Bring the display alive by positioning our characteristic micro lights into plants and troughs. Powered by battery packs or solar, there are no unwanted wires on display and they are guaranteed to illuminate each evening.

Get your space set for summer!