The Great Indoors

Written by: Grace Agar

Discover the warmest retreat in the very depths of wintertime.  

There is treasure to be found indoors. The warmest retreat in the very depths of wintertime: a place of stillness and calm where we hunker down, seeking cosiness and comfort away from the howling winds outside. Candlelight glows in misted-up windows and we take the time to enjoy the slowness of the season, and the moments of reflection and quiet that it brings, nurturing wellness in the warmth of a crackling fire and cosy knitted blankets. We find hope in the sparkle of lovingly left-up Christmas lights, we make plans for the new year ahead, and we rest, in the wonderful sanctuary of our indoor havens.

As we settle down for a quieter month, the beginning of a new year welcomes a winter celebration of the wonderful indoors, where we rediscover the joy of staying in. After a bustling festive period, embrace the quiet moments and take the opportunity to hunker down and enjoy a sense of serenity.

Throughout long afternoons and blustery evenings, we keep our homes cosy on the inside, with flickering candlelight illuminating the darker days, and the gentle glow of fairy lights weaving a warm ambience throughout. With a warm cup of tea in hand, we nestle into a cosy reading nook to escape and unwind, amidst calming warm white lights that gently illuminate your tranquil haven. 

To maintain the cosy glow that festive lights bring, reuse your microlights to softly embed amidst any curtains or fabric, for a calming afterglow surrounding you. Keep it cosy with wooden lanterns styled at floor level and twinkling Osby stars propped nearby. Create pockets of light with dainty fairy lights styled upon wicker baskets full of woollen blankets and surround with the soothing ambience of ivory and grey TruGlow® candles dotted all around. Opt for a selection of shapes and sizes in your TruGlow® to create cosy focal points and to complete your winter home with a warming glow that’ll transcend the seasons.