The Shine A Light Movement

Written by: Ellie Cox

The Shine a Light movement is all about re-purposing your Christmas lights as a sign of hope in uncertain times, amongst Coronavirus worries. The idea took the internet by storm, with many people taking to getting their festive lights back out to display in their homes and around the community. Images captured by partakers began to be shared on social media and soon this started to snowball, with an increase in individuals participating and brightening up the streets. Lights4fun were inspired by the concept and the idea of something so simple making a huge impact - spreading the love and putting a smile on peoples' faces!

Why not use this as your chance to get creative with your lighting! Whether you choose to light up the trees in your garden, feature a window light for passers by to see or display some festoons across your outdoor space...it'll be sure to brighten up everyone's day. Or if you prefer, you can light up your interior instead with a few micro lights or candles for that warm inside glow.

We'd love to see your light displays, wherever or whatever they may be! Share your images with the hashtag #shinealight online and let's keep up the positivity amid this difficult period. Stay positive, but most importantly stay safe.

Here at Lights4fun we've also been getting involved! Check out some of our images below...