Top 5 Best Halloween Light Shows Ever

Written by: Ben Naughton

Here at Lights4fun, we love to see people using their creativity to conjure up some truly dazzling Halloween light shows. However, we love it even more when people take it to the next level. In the UK the spooky fever of Halloween is slowly but surely creeping over from our neighbours in the US, and we’re here to get you truly in the mood. This post was initially written in 2013 and over the years we’re eager to see which new light shows appear across the world.

Here are our top five eye-popping Halloween lights shows in ascending order. With some classics and new additions, here are the very best.

5. Thriller, Michael Jackson

We had to have a Thriller light show on our little Halloween light show menu, otherwise what kind of list would it be! A golden oldie in the world of light shows, however we will never tire of it.

4. This is Halloween, Marilyn Manson

For those thinking Halloween was missing the scary side to this top 5, coming in at number 4 is Marylin Manson with a chilling number.

3. Ghostbusters

A recent addition to our list this Youtuber makes a splendid effort every year and finally we’ve got an all time favourite in at number 3.

2. Macklemore, Downtown

One of our favourite Halloween light shows returns once more for a, albeit not so seasonal song choice, however still rocks! This family home in Leesburg, VA makes an appearance every year with number 1 songs instead of Halloween classics. This year it’s Macklemore which has taken social media by storm, notching over 300,000 views in just 5 days.

1. Monster Mash, Groovie Ghoulies

Drum roll please… Our favourite Halloween light show of all time is ‘The Monster Mash’. For this, song choice is everything! It’s been over 5 years since this video was uploaded and we still think it’s the best. Have you say in the comments below, which one deserves to be top of the list?