TruGlow®: Feels Like Home

Written by: Grace Agar

Thoughtfully crafted and ever-growing, TruGlow® is Lights4fun’s continuously evolving collection of comforting ever glowing warmth. A delicate flicker of candlelight that transcends the seasons, a warming ambience for every moment, whether it’s time to party or time to hunker down and get cosy. Whatever the celebration, for every moment there’s TruGlow®.

TruGlow® emerged in 2017 to redefine the design and functionality of LED candles, created to replicate the natural warmth and comforting ambience of a real candle whilst seamlessly complementing every home. In an interview with Amy Mason, Lights4fun's Director of Product, we discover the story of TruGlow®.

Can you delve into the design process and the distinctive features that make TruGlow® stand out?

Our team extensively studied real pillar candles to capture their true essence, from the gentle flicker of the flame to the positioning of the wick. We aimed to recreate the ‘just-lit’ appearance while housing all components. The result: a meticulously crafted LED candle design with realistic, hand-finished details of natural wax. One distinctive element is the flame 'cap' atop the wick, designed with a slight curve for movement simulation. We also use thick wax for a substantial, luxury feel, and the wax colour underwent an extensive perfection process to bring our customers the most realistic LED candle on the market.

Can you tease any exciting developments for 2024? 

Over the years, we've expanded the range to include a wide variety of seasonal designs, from different colours, shapes and sizes, to an exclusive range of outdoor waterproof TruGlow®. There’s something to appeal each and every one of our customers and there’s so much more to come in 2024, with unseen technology in the works to truly elevate the TruGlow® experience. 

What has been the overarching vision for TruGlow® from the start, and how do you see it enriching customers' lives?

With the concept of TruGlow® evolving from an idea by the founders of Lights4fun, the vision has always remained the same, intending to create a product that will enrich the homes of customers through homely candlelight. A product that will see you through seasons and years, present for all the important moments, TruGlow® has become a staple in so many homes, and with unseen new technology in the works for 2024, there is much to come for TruGlow®.