Your Christmas Gift

Written by: Ella Carpenter

If you’re unsure of how to tackle the shopping, here’s our quick guide to Christmas gift ideas and how to get wrapped and ready!

We all want to choose that special something to give, to be unwrapped and appreciated but how to do you achieve that with the feel good factor that will go on and on? Everywhere we look there’s a host of Christmas gift ideas, and it’s overwhelming at times not to feel under pressure to spend money on physical products. Ultimately, the best gifts offer a feel good present that is an experience. Here’s our ultimate gift recommendation and our top tips for getting prepared this Christmas.

The Ultimate Gift For Everyone

Our TruGlow® candle will literally light up the life of someone you care about, and last all year round, making it the gift that keeps on giving! True Glow is crafted from hand-poured ivory wax, and is available either singly as one large candle, or in a trio of different sizes. The built in timer means that the candle will light automatically at the same time every day for 6 hours, and then turn itself off again. The safety aspect of the candle means you don’t have any worries about leaving them unattended, and they don’t get hot, either. Perfectly suited to literally anywhere, they are a wonderful addition to any bathroom for the ultimate relaxing bath. It’s a gift that everyone will love!

Make A List And Stick To It

You’ll feel so much happier when you’ve actually written down who you are buying for. Allocate a budget to each recipient too, that way, you’ll not overspend. Try and think about what they enjoy, it makes such a difference to how you feel at their reaction (hopefully in a positive way!)

Get Ahead

As soon as possible, buy the wrapping paper and tags, and check on the sticky tape front too, to make sure you’re not highly organised, only to discover you’ve run out. Invest in a dispenser, they save literally ages of frustration. Here’s the golden rule, wrap as you buy, then you don’t get to Christmas Eve and spend valuable social time squirrelled away shouting “don’t come in” from the bedroom!

How To Wrap

For those who love wrapping presents, your scheme will have been worked out weeks ago, with hand printed papers and homemade labels. Without doubt, the most beautiful of all gifts to receive. For the rest of us, take full advantage of any gift wrap service available when you buy from a shop. After that, try buying a gift bag that will accommodate the present, and then tie up the rope handles with battery fairy lights, popping the battery pack into the bag. This means not only do you give a present, the fairy lights are also part of the surprise. If you are buying an experience, write a personal card describing why you bought the present, and attach it to a sparkly star. Hang it on the tree and wait for it to be noticed! The most challenging gifts to wrap don’t have corners, so try sourcing a box to pop it in. You won’t regret it, and it doesn’t give away what lies inside, either.

Going Green

You might want to wrap with a conscience, so don’t be drawn into buying highly printed papers. Brown paper makes a great choice, especially if it’s recycled, and adding a brown paper tag, and a sprig of sage or rosemary, really does show you care, in more way than one.